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  1. Red "H" Badge

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    I've been looking for a front and rear set for my '15 Si. I've seen a few posts here, but most of them have been old posts with dead links. I've found the set on CorSport, but i also found a set on ICB Motorsport. They both look legit, but they have different part numbers. If anyone could point...
  2. Installing the Corsport red H emblem help

    Interior Styling
    Hi everyone I wanted to install the red H for the steering wheel on my 2015 Civic Si. I just received it in the mail and now it says I need to cut a piece of 3m double sided automotive tape? I looked on amazon and found too many kinds.. I was also wondering what happens if I just stick it on as...
  3. 2015 coupe red "H" emblems?

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Looking to buy some but i dont know if the '14 would fit mine, anyone know where they sell them?
  4. DIY: Blacken Emblem and spray tint tail lights

    Exterior Styling
    Hey guys so just wanted to start out by saying This is my 3rd Honda Civic. I bought the 2014 Civic Si W/HPT in September. Couldn't be happier. As far as DIY, this is the first thing I've done. I've never done any Plasti-dipping or spray tinting before so I'm a Novice at this. Time: First...
  5. JDM Honda Red H Emblem Install Videos!

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hope you guys who purchased the genuine Honda JDM red emblems find these videos useful. The installations are pretty straightforward, but we wanted to do these videos because there are some little tricks and tips that some people miss. Any feedback, comments, or questions are always welcome...
  6. Custom Honda Emblem

    Exterior Styling
    Hi I'm new to the community and was wanting to know if anyone has seen any honda with the Honda emblem where I'm guessing they cut around the H part and installed it that way. I saw it and was wanting to do that with my car, if anyone could give me directions on how to do that I would greatly...
  7. Red "H" OEM Emblems for Civic SI Sedan 2013

    Hey guys, Ive been looking to replace both my front, back, and steering wheel emblems to red for my 2013 si sedan but I dont know where to buy it. I found versions of previous years but none for 2013. Is there any way I can get this done ? Or if any other emblems work for this year?
  8. Emblem Removal

    So I want to remove both front and rear H emblems from my 2012 si coupe as well as the Si emblems. I know the front Si emblem has the backing plate, but what about the rear? Is it held on with 2 prongs like the H, leaving two holes or is it on via adhesive?
  9. Red emblem

    Is the 8th gen H emblem the same as the 9th gen H emblem?
  10. i want to put some black vinyl on the rear of my sedan where the H emblem sits

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Anyone know if there is any premade for this or have done this
  11. Broken Civic Emblem

    Try to find out who broke my Civic Emblem yesterday midnight!!!!
  12. stolen civic emblem

    The other day while I was shopping with my wife and baby at a shopping center, I came back to discover that my civic emblem had been stolen. All that was left was the 3m tape residue. Man was I pissed. It took place on a sunny and very busy day. How could someone do such a thing?? Ripped the...
  13. Red and silver R18 emblem!

    Well, it's not available yet, but I am trying to get an idea of the interest to have an R18 emblem/badge made to order.I have already sent in information to ask for a quote, but the company is giving the number of 300 to have a group buy. I don't expect that many people to show interest, but am...
  14. Why does our new LX not have a LX emblem on trunk?

    Is this standard and has Honda stopped labeling LX's? A fluke? I don't care, just curious.
  15. HELP : Red Honda emblem size

    Hey guys, so i'm new to this forum and i have a quick question. I know the red H emblem comes in different size for the sedan and coupe. However, i can't find the size dimensions of the coupe front and rear emblem. For those who have already installed the red honda emblem on their 9th gen coupe...
  16. honda emblem removal?

    how do you remove the H emblems without breaking them? they look like they will break if i try to take them off. i wanna take them off to black them out and paint some of my grill. thanks in advance guys
  17. 2012 Si front emblem. where to buy?

    Where can i buy the front si emblem online? Im missing my badge and my si feels plain w out it.
  18. Red Honda Emblem Promblem

    whats up, so i just ordered some red emblems from ICB motorsports for my 2012 si coupe. I was told from them and from what ive seen, the coupes use the same emblems front and rear, part number 75700-SNW-003. But here is my problem, the front does not fit. it does not fit with in the edges. The...
  19. SI emblem in tach meter

    Interior mods
    Just curious, does anyone know why they quit putting the SI emblem in the tach meter? And what year did they quit doing that. I actually thought it looked good there! Did anybody else like it:)
  20. Blue JDM emblem tail lights. ehhh

    Not sure how im feeling about this... might buy a new oem and plastidip it. any tips on removing 3m? pics of front posted later. :P