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  1. Drivetrain Problems
    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is normal but sometimes when I up-shift, I feel there's a small block at the end of the gear (like a small piece of resistance or a small block at the end of the shift). Sometimes the shifter goes to the into the gear very smoothly without resistance. There...
  2. Coupe
    Does anyone know, are these body kits typically installed at the factory or does the dealership install them when they receive the cars? I am considering purchasing a kit but worry about a botched job at the dealership.
  3. Build Section
    it's almost end of the year, i am pretty much done with my car for the year... this is what i have done so far in 2012 genuine honda projector headlights genuine honda modulo sports grill genuine honda window visor genuine honda si rear bumper genuine honda hfp axle back exhaust genuine honda...
  4. Sedan
    what are my option on front grill
  5. Canada
    Kplayground End of Season Sunday Shannonville Track Day - October 14th - 1pm to 5pm!! Date: Sunday, October 14th/2012 Time: 1pm to 5pm Location: Shannonville Motorpark - Full track Prepay: $90 (paid by prepaid due date) At the Track: $120 We're limiting the track day to around 35 cars. For...
  6. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    So pretty much topic I've also been burning oil haven't checked it in a couple of 100 miles but next time I bring it into the dealer they will pull the engine. I'm just wondering if burning oil is the reason for the large amount of carbon that is on the exhaust tip or something else that is...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Went from a 93 accord se to a 03 is300 to a 06 rx8 and now a 2012 SI CBP. After all the expensive problems, im glad to be back in a reliable car! Things ive done to the car so far is 5% tint all the way around, and a custom ported box for 2 15" orion xtr pro with a 3000 watt amp, currently...
  8. Pictures and Images
    Wanted to share a pic of her:
  9. Sedan
    After a year in, there are still things I would like to add to the car, but have not been able to do because, up until now, I was not sure if it would end up being mine rather than my parents (long story) But there is one thing I want to take away from this car. One thing Fake chrome I...
  10. Audio/Video & Navigation
    So lately my bluetooth has been messing up, i have an iPhone 4 and it has worked flawlessly up until a couple weeks ago. Every-time i talk to someone on the phone the people on the other end say there is some weird buzzing or loud clicking or something ON THEIR END, on MY end i hear them...
  11. Sedan
    I just hit my rear end wheel ( driveres side rear end) against a curb at 15kmh going through a bend and now my alignment isnt straight. what could the problem be?
  12. Coupe
    Anybody have solid pics of the rear of there car. I just remember when I had my 8th how I was so happy that I thought the rear of my car looked better in sedan form vs those with coupes. Now I still have a sedan 9th but I dont feel it looks better then the coupe. I for sure know I love the front...
  13. Sedan
    Installed the factory rear spoiler, debadged it, painted the lower bumper lip flat black (just follow the body line) and put on a $10 chrome exhaust tip. Hope you like it. My goal was to get the dull tail end of our Civics looking a little better.
  14. Drivetrain Problems
    *sigh*. Looks like my third Honda is shaping up to be as problematic as my first two were. Super discouraging... Anyways...I've noticed recently that when I am making sharp right or left turns (started out just on right turns), there is a groaning coming from the front wheel wells while...
  15. Canada
    Since seeing some have asked about this, 9thgens are also welcome to come as well. Even though this originated on the 8thgen side Thanks goes to Nextmod For more info here it is: End Of Summer 2011 Meet / Cruise / BBQ - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum
  16. Suspension & Brakes
    Apparently the 2012 coupe and sedan have considerable more body roll that the 2011's. This could very well be due the fact that Honda has engineered the 9th gen suspension to be geared towards luxury rather than sport handling. If you compare the listed suspension between the two year cars...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Just thought I'd introduce myself before my CIVIC comes in. All the paper work is done, just waiting until the end of the month for the call from the dealership. I'm waiting for my CIVIC SI COUPE + AERO KIT (Black). I currently have the 08 SI COUPE - so I'm a bit anxious as to how...
1-17 of 24 Results