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  1. Exhausts and Downpipes
    looking to get my partner a catback exhaust for their birthday. they said something about a yonaka exhaust for the 2dr exl (not SI) and i can't find it?? what are my options? or will the si or 4dr one fit ?? TIA
  2. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey 9G team, My 2014 has hit just over 234,000 kms/145,000 mi and still running strong with 0 issues. Engine is bone stock and maintained meticulously with all other components working A1. - Has anyone done a rebuild on their R18 or have suggestions on what I could do to keep the engine...
  3. Appearance and Body Modifications
    So the button on the right ( the one thats highlighted in red ) comes off ridiculously easy and im sure this is not normal that if i slip my finger behind the button that it pops right off so im curious has anyone experienced this ? If so any suggestion to fix it ? !
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello! I am a new member& I am soon to be purchasing a brand new 2013 Civic EX-L w/ Navi. I am quite excited because this is my very first car, I am picking it up next weekend! The past 6 months I have been contemplating if I should get a Honda or not because it is a very common car that...
  5. Video Room
    2012 Honda Civic EX-L, $17,599 - Cars.com
  6. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    does all ex-l models have vtec? I recently bought a 2012 ex-l and im not sure if it has I vtec. its not labeled on the block and its not noticeable while driving! Sent from my galaxy 3 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone! I am looking at buying a Civic (used) in the next couple months. I am looking at the sedans (auto), would love a 2012 EX-L but the pricing is out of my range. So I am undecided between the 2010/11 EX-L models or the 2012 EX model. They are similarly priced, just wondering what...
  8. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey everyone, just wondering if you guys were able to get any good deals on your '13 models. For a brand new 2013 Civic LX sedan automatic, I was able to get it for around $19975 out the door inclusive of taxes and destination fee on 1/13/13. I then paid for a extended warranty HondaCare for...
  9. Interior mods
    Anyone know where I can get part numbers for the 2013 door&dash panels for the EX-L I'm thinking of seriously changing my panels in my 2012 EX-L sedan over to the 2013 panels.
  10. New Member Introductions
    Been lurking here for a few months. I had a job change unexpectedly and could not justify having a grand Cherokee anymore, the wife has one too. Plus gas ,20 mpg max was killing my wallet I jumped on a pretty good deal with usaa pricing and honda giving me what I owed on the jeep. A 2013 is a...
  11. Interior mods
    Ok I did some looking over on a new 2013 EXL at a local dealership .The new interior pieces look like they will fit in my 12. EXL. The only problem is how much will the switch cost.And where could I find the 2013 door panels and dash panel
  12. Drivetrain Problems
    Do you guys think it's possible?
  13. Interior Problems
    I bought an EXL coupe (2012), and after about a couple of days the leather on the driver's side started to flake in area (mainly where I would rub it as I got in and out). So I brought it back to the dealer, and they put a new leather cover on the driver's seat (or so they said they did). I...
  14. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Can a si subwoofer be placed in a EX-L sedan? Want to add sub, but want to keep OEM looking. Will run an amp to run just the sub with speakinr line inputs.
  15. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Please read my original thread "EX-L radio in a EX?" to see where the discussion went. To sum it up, I want to use my stock head unit, then EQ and amplify it. If I have to upgrade to the premium output head unit to do so I will, but prefer not to. This is my latest post to a member on that...
  16. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Yes I'm new...didn't find (though there may be) a post on this. Got the 2012 EX sedan, have the basic 160 watt radio. Want to swap the better EX-L 360 watt radio. So... -Does the head unit make an exact swap? -What about wiring? Any deletions, additions, changes? Will it be plug and play...
  17. Wheels and Tires
    Does anyone know what brand and model of tires come on the '12 EX-L sedan? I know the size, just not the make.
  18. Sedan
    Hi guys just purchased the full Modulo rep kit and installed the Lip and side skirts. The rear will be put on tomorrow. A full review will be uploaded this week on my site. Everthing to the build quality to what comes with it panda-feet.com | So stay tuned. a little teaser.
1-18 of 71 Results