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  1. Coupe
    hey guys ive contacts mr bat or whatever the name is lol i forget but i emailed with no response just yet i really am looking for eyelids for a tafetta white civic coupe..if anyone has let me know!!
  2. Coupe
    cerrious what you guys think i have a rally red lx coupe for starters. i like the red and black look tint is on the horizon and ive been looking in to doing this for a while now but i cant decide do i want to go with black eyelids or red ones to match body color? i already have an idea of what i...
  3. Sedan
    I contacted NIA yesterday about Eyelids and Lip kits since they have not started any for the 12 Civics. My friends have used NIA for a few years now, great quality products and good customer support. QUOTES FROM HIS EMAIL: "Nicholas, Thank you for your interest on our NIA products. but like...
  4. Exterior
    so as far as i know, projectors create a cut off point so the light doesn't spread. if we were to buy [email protected]'s or any body else's eyelids, could those sort of be a cheap replacement to projectors?
  5. Coupe
    Just met up with Blue Batmobile, he took patterns for the front and rear lights, friday he's gonna do the roof. This guy's legit and friendly. After the talk we had, am super stoked to be working with him on my coupe. Im basically going to get everything done possible so you guys will have an...
1-5 of 5 Results