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  1. Sedan
    After a year in, there are still things I would like to add to the car, but have not been able to do because, up until now, I was not sure if it would end up being mine rather than my parents (long story) But there is one thing I want to take away from this car. One thing Fake chrome I...
  2. Sedan
    Im just curious why people buy an Ex, Lx, ect. and blow money to make it look like a Si? After you buy the grill and all the other componets for a few hundreds dollars more you could have gotten a real one. Are Si's not readily avalible or that rare that you have to settle for something that...
  3. Interior mods
    Hey guys, just got my 2012 Civic LX yesterday! 4DR, 5SPD MT and I want to get myself a new shift knob! I like the factory one, but I wanted to test some other ones out and found the Mugen. Has anybody here installed one of them yet? They look like this:
1-3 of 5 Results