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  1. Wheels and Tires
    I have recently shifted from 15" wheels to 16" on my FB2. Yokohama BlueEarth ES32 215/55/16. Rims are also replaced with Toyota Genuine ones, same PCD 114 x 5. The issue I am facing is - there is a little humming noise from the rear wheels (to me it sounds from rear-left only). It does not...
  2. Wheels and Tires
    Hey y’all, This is my new wheel setup on my ‘13 LX! The silver enkei EDR9s were 17x8+45 wrapped in 215/45/17 Falkens. The new setup are bronze Avid 1 AV26 17x8+35 on 215/45/17 Hankooks. No rubbing on either setup. (The car is also sitting on BC Racing coilovers.) These cars make great...
  3. Exhausts and Downpipes
    I’m looking for Exhaust options for my FB2 Civic Sedan. I love the Yonaka cat back exhaust but the company says the 2024-2015 exhaust option won’t fit on my 2013 Civic. How are they different? I want something that will fit. Not looking for anything super loud.
  4. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Just freshly installed my BC Racing coilovers on my daily, but now she’s in need of some spacers for some flush fitment. I looked online and couldn’t find any with reviews (the ones without reviews just look really sketchy), anyone know where I can find 10mm/15mm spacers (5x114.3)? Thanks!
  5. Sedan
    Wassap guys new here, my names Kea I'm from Hawaii. My current DD is a beautiful 2012 lx sedan CPB MT and I love her!. So far got her on ksport springs 2'' all around, removed intake resonator and a few minor mods here and there but I'm looking to finally do some real body mods and my budget is...
  6. Build Section
    NateDogg's 12 LX Sedan build thread So I bought my car in 2012 brand new off the lot and always planned on working on it but had no real money put away for it. Fast forward to this year where I got in this amazing car accident from a merge gone wrong. It had stock everything except 8k HIDs...
  7. Exterior
    Over the weekend I installed 5k HIDs on low beams, Yellow Nokya bulbs for DRL's and Yellow Foglight overlay film.
  8. Ride of the Month
    Alright fellow forum people, as with the beginning of every month, ROTM submissions will now begin for June. Best of luck to everyone who enters. If you guys don't already know the rules, here's a brief overview: - Every 9th gen Non-Si Civic is allow to add submissions - Each member is allowed...
  9. Ride of the Month
    Sorry for getting the voting up a day late. Definitely have 4 strong competitors this month. Vote away!! 1.) tsumaku 2.) spazerboy 3.) Twitch 4.) FB2Chris
  10. Ride of the Month
    We've got five awesome rides this month. Vote for your favorite. 1. ygtlouis 2. riceforlife 3. john5500 4. dxcoupe 5.jliu1234
  11. Ride of the Month
    Hey everyone. So I'll be running the ROTMs from here on out. Let's get some new rides to compete this month:) If you guys don't already know the rules, here's a brief overview: - Every 9th gen Non-Si Civic is allow to add submissions - Each member is allowed a single submission of up to 5...
  12. Ride of the Month
    Alright guys, we've got six sleds in the running this month. You all know the rules. Vote it up. 1. tsumaku 2. Harlow 3. SYale 4. CIVICNEBLETT 5. musjosh 6. RobSBP
  13. Build Section
    Axion Industries 1320 Turbo build Just wanted to start the build here and share some pictures of the new purchase. We will be going turbo on the car hopefully this year just not sure on which kit but leaning towards the Full Race EFR kit and then its track time...Stay tuned for all the updates
  14. Ride of the Month
    Month three of 2013! Make it count! Here are the rules for those of you who are new to this :smile: If you guys don't already know the rules, here's a brief overview: - Every 9th gen Non-Si Civic is allow to add submissions - Each member is allowed a single submission of up to 5 images. All...
  15. Ride of the Month
    We have ourselves a 6 horse race for the FB2/FG3 February ROTM. Show your love and vote for your favorite ride. 1. ADExternal 2. hondaspeed12 3. ygtlouis 4. Scione
  16. Build Section
    SoCal ! HMU ! My Wheels/Tire is for sale :)
  17. Sedan
    Not sure how im feeling about this... might buy a new oem and plastidip it. any tips on removing 3m? pics of front posted later. :P
  18. Build Section
    See other's made a build thread to show off there progress so i decided to make one also LOL Here's a pic few weeks after i got Slowy In January 2012 Then Few weeks Had 6000k Volt HID Kit from Xenondepot installed also 2500k Nokya Hyper Yellow Fogs Putted on My I <3 Driving Slow Member #79...
  19. Wheels and Tires
    Might be able to pick up a set for cheap and seriously considering it. Cash is tight right now, but I hate the stock steelies and fuel saver tires. had to put the car back up to stock height because it was too low to ship without damaging. photoshopped this to get an idea of what it'll look...
  20. Crew/Clubs!!
    ​This is the ***OFFICIAL FB2/FG3 SQUAD THREAD!*** FB2/FG3 SQUAD will be based on 2012 Honda Civic DX, LX, EX and EX-L Model. Qualifications to join! 1. MUST drive a 2012+ Civic Sedan/Coupe DX, LX, EX or EX-L model! 2. CHOOSE any available number of your choice 3. NEED your location to add on...
1-20 of 24 Results