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  1. Sedan
    Have any one see any kind of fender flair for our 9gen sedan? Looking for a Mugen RR look...
  2. Coupe
    Has anyone rolled the rear fenders yet??....doing my Thursday and im not gonna lie im stressing out over it haha Wobbles phone
  3. Coupe
    I got some! Got a box of 200 today! PM for hookups!
  4. Intakes and TB Spacers
    How do i remove the fender off of a si coupe. I am trying to do the resonator delete. I know there is 2 bolts in the engine bay but i don't know where the other bolts are. Do i have to remove the bumper to get it off?
  5. Exterior Problems
    hi, after cleaning wheels I also try to clean rear fender walls inside and I notice the black covering rubbing off real easily. I was shocked by this so I was thinking scrub (carefully) the whole black covering off - this was there for the rust protection I think but has anyone scrub them off or...
1-5 of 6 Results