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  1. Downpipes and Exhausts
    So I've been researching on some exhausts for my FG3 and one I have been looking at is the Yonaka Exhaust but there is not one for the 2DR R18. It is possible to modify or force on an exhaust onto the 2DR model from the 4DR? 4DR R18 Yonaka Exhaust...
  2. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    So I’ve been looking around for a new engine for my ex, because I got a rod knock and don’t wanna rebuild the engine when it would cost around the same for a k20a2 but I don’t know if the k20 would fit in my car. If it doesn’t fit would I have to go with the k24z7 ?
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  15. Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys, I'm a first time civic owner. I have a 2013 Honda Civic Coupe LX. I'm getting ready to purchase a set of Enkei RPF1's 16x7 and I'm not quite sure what offset to get? Can anyone point me in the right direction? I don't know a great deal about wheel offsets and any help at all would be...
  16. Build Section
    I figured I might as well start a build thread now that things are actually moving along. Hopefully they'll keep moving along as they are now:wigglesmiley: Mod List: Exterior: 50% Tint Front 20% Tint Rear Civic badge removed 2500k Nokya Yellow High Beam/DRL 6000k DDM Tuning 35w HID kit LED...
  17. Ride of the Month
    Alright fellow forum people, as with the beginning of every month, ROTM submissions will now begin for June. Best of luck to everyone who enters. If you guys don't already know the rules, here's a brief overview: - Every 9th gen Non-Si Civic is allow to add submissions - Each member is allowed...
  18. Ride of the Month
    Sorry for getting the voting up a day late. Definitely have 4 strong competitors this month. Vote away!! 1.) tsumaku 2.) spazerboy 3.) Twitch 4.) FB2Chris
  19. Ride of the Month
    We've got five awesome rides this month. Vote for your favorite. 1. ygtlouis 2. riceforlife 3. john5500 4. dxcoupe 5.jliu1234
  20. Ride of the Month
    Hey everyone. So I'll be running the ROTMs from here on out. Let's get some new rides to compete this month:) If you guys don't already know the rules, here's a brief overview: - Every 9th gen Non-Si Civic is allow to add submissions - Each member is allowed a single submission of up to 5...