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  1. Ride of the Month
    Ok well not a ton of entrants, but we have had a lot of voters :) Here are this month's entries :) 1. CivicMx 2. ez_listero 3. HoustonJohn 4. Bullyboy23 Good luck to you all :)
  2. Ride of the Month
    Ok guys, make sure you understand what's going on, because i don't want anyone confused! This ROTM only lasts 15 DAYS after which, the year end ROTM will start! So voting will probably be down numbers wise! After this 15 days, all the past winners will be placed into a year end ROTM to select...
  3. Ride of the Month
    Final 4 voting.... open voting to all 9th gencivic members.... in order to be fair to other future paticipants all final 4 members are not eligible for rotm for 1 month. So, if you made it to final 4 this month you willly have to wait till July ROTM thread to resumbit photos... if you win ROTM...
  4. General Maintenance
    Where was your cars final assembly done at? I'm curious to see how many of the new Civics are coming from which assembly plant. Ours came from the Canada plant and I'm in FL. Did yours come from Canada or Indiana? (For those that may not know where to look, either your window sticker or inside...