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  1. ECU Tuning
    Like the title states. Why doesn't our Flash pro have many pre loaded maps like the 8th gen flashpro and kpro did. Such as options to have a stock map with a intake. or stock map with a downpipe. Or anything like that. I knwo people who has the flashpro for the k20 have the option to upload a...
  2. Exterior
    Sup. I changed my rear turn signals to some amber colored CREE LEDs and now both the rear and the front flash faster... they all work, no error messages, but they're just really fast. Any way to fix that or is this the price we pay for LEDs?
  3. ECU Tuning
    So I updated to the most current software. Now theres a few features that aren't available anymore. Wtf Hondata!?!?! When you click on the "calibration" tab on the top of the screen it will obviously open a window. BEFORE there was a "misc" tab that would allow for: Radiator fan temp adjustment...
  4. ECU Tuning
    Can anyone please help me set my Flash Pro to a good aFe CAI setup? I'm new to tuning and I'd like a bit of support in this please.
  5. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I bought a super fast Patriot Flash Drive for music listening in my Si. When I hook it up it says, unsupported! Anyone know how to fix it? Its formatted fat32. I was using a USB 2.0 Flash Drive by SanDisk. I had no problems with it, but the patriot drive is ridiculously fast! So I decided to...
  6. ECU Tuning
    So I have searched and may have over looked or not searched the right thing; so pls help ive never done anything to a vehicle anywhere close to this new. I was planning on a Injen CAI, the rv6 DP, and a GReddy evo 3 or Full Race exhaust. To get my power gains and benefits of the aftermarket...
  7. ECU Tuning
    Does it take one week for everyone else to get flashpro even shipped and on its way? Hell it hasn't even been a week yet but still, I am used to orders I place online being shipped in a day or two on occasion three... Is it really due to the high volume of flash pro being sold? Or is it their...
  8. ECU Tuning
    I may be way behind but I was talking to pro civic and they said they had the flash pro I/S for the 2012 Civic Si. Said they had plenty in stock. One is coming to me, thought someone else might need one!
  9. ECU Tuning
    I installed the stock map. The rev hang is gone. It feels so much better. It actually feels like i control the shifts now. All i did so far was lower my lanuch control to 3500rpm instead of the 7100. It was so worth the 700 bucks for the standalone. Right now there isnt very much maps on it...
  10. ECU Tuning
    First things first im new to this this is my first car i dont know shit about this ECU thingy im learning on everything on about my car this ECU and everything else. My first question is does Flash pro give you more hp? Would it still be useful to buy Flash pro with your stock parts? or u really...
  11. CorSport
    Available November 5th! CorSport: Honda - 2012+ Honda Civic Si - FP-2012SI-US
  12. ECU Tuning
    I had my 2012 Si done and had two incidents while autocrossing and wondered if anyone else experienced similar problems with either Hondata or stock configurations. Seems 2nd gear power is lost when hitting throttle again after exiting a turn. Car hesitates before power comes back. Happened...
  13. ECU Tuning
    Hondata made a flash pro for the 09/10 tsx if the same engine was dropped in the 9th gen si, is there a reason it wouldn't work? Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  14. ECU Tuning
    I don't know too much about this flash pro that everyone is talking about. I know it's a computer program to modify your current ecu, but is it hard to use. I realize it's not out yet but does anyone have experience with previous ones? Will I need it professionally tuned at a shop or can I do...
  15. ECU Tuning
    Explain me some Flash Pro! Lol sorry for the cheesy thread title. But I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the benefit of the Hondata Flash Pro when/if it's released for our Si. The last cars I bought performance upgrades for were already turbo'd from the factory and tossing...
  16. ECU Tuning
    I just bought a 2012 civic Ex. I have realized that there is really nothing out yet. But does any one know what company's have chips or ecus that actually improve hp/torque. Also what would be the way to go out of the two. Thanks
  17. ECU Tuning
    Is hondata the only way to do it? My local tuner shop is getting a "machine" to do flashing, tuning and said he could do my si no problem. I havnt seen or heard of any other way, so has anyone else heard about something. I will find out next week when they get it what the deal is. He said he can...
  18. Exterior
    Hi guys, I have a problem with my HID.. on the video, it is the day running light and they flash.. not everytime, but often!! When I put ''on'' the low beam, one bulb open.. not to each time, sometime again!! When they have no music in the car, we can listen a sound in the speaker.. I pull out...
1-18 of 24 Results