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  1. Tune needed for k&n CAI?

    ECU Tuning
    I apologize in advance for my ignorance. My knowledge on cars is limited and I’m very new to mods. I just got a 2015 Honda Civic coupe (ex?) a few months ago. Everything I read said cold air intake is the best place to start. Great. I got a k&n for my 18th birthday. My dad said I need to get my...
  2. Hondata Flashpro or Ktuner for 2015 Si

    Wanted Section
    Let me know the price and unlocked of course! Thanks
  3. WTB: Hondata Flashpro For Civic Si

    ECU Tuning
    Hey! Im looking to buy a flashpro for my 2015 si if anyone is looking to let theirs go please reply with your price :)
  4. Bluetooth Flashpro 2012Si+ for sale

    For Sale Section
    Selling FlashPro! Unlocked planning on parting out the rest of my car (2012 fg4) as well. Located in Toronto, Canada. Selling for $550USD or $700CAD!! Also if there's any interest I also have: K-Tuned Catless DP Skunk2 Megapower RR exhaust Takeda stage 2 intake HASPORT Rear motor mount Local...
  5. Corrupt File??

    ECU Tuning
    I had my tuner email me the Flashpro file he made during our tuning session a while back. One day I had an issue where lights randomly popped up (traction control, power steering, hill assist, CEL P0505A) and a couple others. I opened flashpro on my laptop, updated the firmware and re-uploaded...
  6. Looking to purchase either Flashpro or Ktuner as first MOD... Which is the better buy

    ECU Tuning
    Hi all, I just bought a full stock 2014 Civic Si, and I cant wait to start MODing. First one I want to start with is either Flashpro or Ktuner, from what I read Flashpro is more expensive, but you are able to datalog on the device without having to bring your laptop in the car. Are their...
  7. Question about tuning for e85 a/f ratios

    ECU Tuning
    So Im having a little trouble getting my tune right for e85. When I datalog, should the stoich still be treated as if it is still on gasoline? The car seems to run great around 14.7, however I know the correct a/f should be 9.7. Am I actually looking at my real A/f ratios, or am I technically...
  8. +1 for Vit...eTune complete...

    ECU Tuning
    So received my last Cal from Vit today and I must say after the entire process I am absolutely satisfied and would recommend his services. Well worth the money. I did not expect much communication as far as what was absolutely needed but the few times I did email Vit I always got a timely reply...
  9. R18 dyno

    ECU Tuning
    Hey guys, I have installed a P2R TBS, Injen CAI, and Takeda axleback exhaust on my 2012 r18 MT. Last thing I want to do is get a hondata flash pro and do a dyno tune, how much will this run me, and what numbers should I expect to get? Was looking into getting headers before the tune, but a lot...
  10. Engine Hesitates Even on Reflash?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey everyone, Installed my buddy club downpipe last week before I got my flashpro. Had the defouler in, car ran smooth and pulled nice. Got my flashpro yesterday and loaded on the hondata reflash, as disappointingly there were no base maps for someone with just a downpipe. Anyways, today as I...
  11. 2014 Civic R18 Flatspot/Hesitation On Deceleration

    ECU Tuning
    Hello, I'm new to the forum here. I browse lots but haven't posted. Anyway, I'm having trouble with my 2014 Civic LX. I've got an injen intake and throttle body spacer. They have been on the car for about 30,000kms. Recently I've been having a CEL coming and going for code P0172 Bank 1 too...
  12. FlashPro and DTCs

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I poked around on Google and the help page a little bit, but couldn't really find a definitive answer for this. Does FlashPro only allow the user to view DTCs if the event happened during a datalog? That is to say, can it not be used as a normal code reader? When I pull up the "error codes"...
  13. Innovative Performance Chips

    ECU Tuning
    Hey guys, I've had my 2015 Si for about three months now and I love it. I just ordered a flashpro and I'm really excited to get it tuned. One of my friends showed me this website for other tuning chips. Has anyone ever heard of this brand? I am just looking to get some more information. I'm not...
  14. FlashPro, lightened flywheel, 2014 Si Misfire, VSS, Hill Assist, Powersteering

    ECU Tuning
    When I attempt to select 2013 Civic or 2014 Civic, then select 2012 Civic Calibrations it states that it's unable to do so. I just installed the base map equivalent in my 2014 Si last night, my main issue was that I installed a lightened flywheel which was throwing misfire codes. So I've read...
  15. Newbie question about flash pro

    ECU Tuning
    Hey guys, sorry for being so dumb on the topic but I've never actually hooked a car up before, just always been satisfied with the power of whatever car I had (GTI and 335i in the past). Being that this is my first non turbo car since my college days and my 2005 civic vp with absolutely no...
  16. 9th Gen R18 Civic Hondata FlashPro is Out Now!

    ECU Tuning
    Many people asked, and finally Hondata has responded with the release of the FlashPro for 2012+ R18 Civics! :Banane08:As of right now, technically you cannot use the FlashPro until Dec 8th, when FlashPro Manager will be updated to reflect the necessary changes. Also, 2014 R18 Civics are not...
  17. How To Use HONDATA Flashpro!

    ECU Tuning
    One of the most common questions I get asked on my YouTube channel is "what is flashpro" or "how does it get tunes onto the car." Well I decided to make a quick video demonstrating how to flash your car using the flashpro. Its better if you see it than to explain it in words, because it gives a...
  18. 8th gen ecu in a 9th gen

    ECU Tuning
    Has anybody tried a 8th gen ecu in the 9th gen to see if it will run could be a way to use flash pro
  19. Hondata FlashPro and Bluetooth

    ECU Tuning
    I realized yesterday when talking with a customer on the phone that many of you might not know about the FlashPro Bluetooth feature. All FlashPros we ship now have this cool feature at no extra cost! The FlashPro Bluetooth feature let's you use your iOS or Android device to download the free...
  20. Flashpro or Rims?

    Build Section
    I Need help guys! I cant make a decision on getting a flashpro or rims next. I have a Intake, exhaust on eibach lowering springs. I think rims would really make the car look amazing, and I like to have a mix of performance and visual improvements. Since the rims (stock powdercoated black) look...