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  1. ECU Tuning
    I realized yesterday when talking with a customer on the phone that many of you might not know about the FlashPro Bluetooth feature. All FlashPros we ship now have this cool feature at no extra cost! The FlashPro Bluetooth feature let's you use your iOS or Android device to download the free...
  2. Build Section
    I Need help guys! I cant make a decision on getting a flashpro or rims next. I have a Intake, exhaust on eibach lowering springs. I think rims would really make the car look amazing, and I like to have a mix of performance and visual improvements. Since the rims (stock powdercoated black) look...
  3. ECU Tuning
    Well, I have been doing a good job of not spending excessive amounts of money on my Si, but I am intrigued by FlashPro and the tuning services offered by VIT. Even though my engine is stock and will likely remain largely stock, I would like to know I am getting everything out of the engine I...
  4. ECU Tuning
    well i was looking at getting a new exhaust and intake. will i lose hp without flash pro? or can i just bolt them on and gain a bit? so im pretty much asking with i need flash pro to do these upgrades thanks
  5. ECU Tuning
    Any word on Hondata including the 2013 SI ecu on its Flashpro?
  6. ECU Tuning
    Whats up everyone, i have a question. how do you know if flashpro is unlocked. I am planning on buying it of a friend but i just want to make sure that it is unlocked
  7. ECU Tuning
    I'm thinking about getting the FlashPro but I have a question about the pre installed maps. Has anyone tried the "FG2/FA5 Map Based K&N SRI" calibration? If I get FlashPro, would loading that map be the best thing to do, since I don't exactly know how to tune.
  8. ECU Tuning
    Like the title states. Why doesn't our Flash pro have many pre loaded maps like the 8th gen flashpro and kpro did. Such as options to have a stock map with a intake. or stock map with a downpipe. Or anything like that. I knwo people who has the flashpro for the k20 have the option to upload a...
  9. ECU Tuning
    Hi All, I'm going to be purchasing and installing a downpipe on my car in about a month. I was wondering if someone had a Flashpro map that I could use thats tuned for it instead of the basic reflash. I will eventually get my car tuned but wanted to do several upgrades before tuning. I.E...
  10. ECU Tuning
    Ok, so I am posting this as I am doing research on it in hopes my questions get answered quickly. I just received my FlashPro about an hour ago and installed everything on my desktop, my net-book died on me so I have to use the desktop. When running the vehicle selections, the 2012+ Civic is...
  11. ECU Tuning
    I have the new windows surface running windows RT a version of windows 8, will flashpro work with this does anyone know?
  12. ECU Tuning
    My FlashPro logs are showing a voltage drop under WOT as low as 12.1! What's the problem? Bad alternator, loose belt, bad battery, to much draw from amp for 8" sub, bad ground? What should I do?
  13. ECU Tuning
    is anyone having issues with this latest update? wont complete install "files are corrupt"
  14. Video Room
    Still making more vids, but here is what I have so far! Enjoy :)
  15. ECU Tuning
    I already spent 280 bucks and spent days not being able to drive my civic to get the reflash service. I think hondata did a terrific job with a default ecu map and works well without rev hang and returns 28mpg with the current bolt ons i have such as my downpipe and short ram intake. Will buying...
  16. ECU Tuning
    ...Will be here tonight! Haha sorry to tease everyone. My SI is at InlinePro in NOVA right now getting the RV6 catted DP installed, then should hit the dyno by about 4:00 ET. I'll have a baseline dyno done before tuning (but after the DP install, sorry, time restraints), then I'll put up the...
  17. ECU Tuning
    I want to create a thread for flashpro user to share calibration and knowledge. This thread will be a "Help thread" for user like myself and other flashpro users. Feel free to upload calibration and explain what it does to help this community. If you have question feel free to post, hopefully...
  18. Import DPS
    We currently have a bunch of Hondata Flashpro Units in stock for the 2012 Honda Civic Si. We are in the process of putting our Flashpro unit to use on our 2012 Civic Si, but that will wait till after the holidays. What is there to truly say about by far the best product on the market for the...
  19. ECU Tuning
    I'd like to get input from the people who have FLASHPRO. I am looking to see if anyone has kept track of their MPG from before and MPG after reflashing the ECU with FLASHPRO. Dyno tuned and un dynotuned bolton, no boltons welcome. I ask this because for the most part (95%) of the time I drive...
  20. ECU Tuning
    Just received my flashpro. Any advice on a tune on a stock car with just intake? Info anybody?