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  1. Flossy Shift Knob

    Interior mods
    flossy grip tape shorty? Does anyone have a black Flossy grip tape shorty? if so can u answer these few questions for me please. 1)how does it look in a si? 2)how do u like the texture? 3)does it get really hot? 4)how is the feel on the knob.. height/weight/width 5)would u recommend it? i...
  2. New Flossy Knob for YOUR WHIP! SnOWBaLL!!!!

    HELLO 9TH GEN CIVIC! we at flossy decided to bring out the Snowball knob...oddly enough, in the middle of summer. oh well, let us know what you think, and check it out on shopflossy.com for more information. PROMO CODE DISCOUNT! flossycivic remember, add custom engraving to any Flossy knob...
  3. Flossy is stoked to be here!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello 9th Gen Civic Peeps! we are the Flossy Company. we just wanted to say hello and introduce ourselves on this awesome forum. we hope to grow our company by gathering insight from all of you, which we will utilize to strengthen the quality of our products, and differentiate ourselves into a...
  4. Postin' a line-up of our knobs!!! Check this out!

    HELLO 9TH GEN CIVIC PEEPS!!! Here is a line-up of our steez. Feel free to utilize the newly created discount code for FR-S members: flossycivic Keep in mind we do custom work for $10 mas (some pictured) Also, order on Shopflossy.com if you like what you see Grip Tape Heavyweight @ 545...
  5. Welcome Flossy!

    We would like to welcome Flossy as our newest supporting vendor! Please take a moment to visit their site: flossy shop — Welcome