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  1. EBAY Fog light Dash Button HELP

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    So i installed my ebay fog lights and they work great but when i went to finally put the button in.....ITS HUGE and wont fit lol what are my options for changing it? So i can get a clean stock look. I see other kits came with a new frame for the three dash buttons but mine didnt come with that...
  2. JDM Front Rear Bumper Cover Lip Kit 2012

    Has anyone tried this from ebay? I am wondering the fitment and ease of installation? "Civic Sedan 2012 12 FB JDM Front Rear Bumper Cover Lip Kit Side Skirt Fog Yellow" Civic Sedan 2012 12 FB JDM Front Rear Bumper Cover Lip Kit Side Skirt Fog Yellow | eBay
  3. Fog light help

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    I've searched for a while now looking to add fog lights to my car, and I can't seem to find a good kit other than the one sold from college hills and that's way too expensive. Can anyone help me find a kit for a 2013 sedan non si please lol oh and another question could this one fit ? Honda...
  4. Fog Light Help!!!!

    Both my fog light glass covers were inconveniently hit and shattered by rocks symmetrically. My bulbs were also destroyed in the process... Well my fix were new high grade lexan plastic covers and 5k h11 bulbs. Everything went well with the install, the only downside is that the plastic is...
  5. Headlights, Taillights, foglights

    Hi, I am fairly new to this forum and am a newbie -- not knowledgeable at all about customization -- but would like to customize and need suggestions. I have a black 2012 civic lx sedan. Ever since I got it I wanted to upgrade the exterior lighting. First, the headlights. I dont really know...
  6. Independent Foglights

    I always wanted to have independent fog lights where i dont have to have the low beams on to have the fogs, i also hate the fact that everytime i flip on high beams the fogs go off. Ive seen it done on the 8thgen but i kinda need help finding the lighting control relay on the 9thgen, any ideas...
  7. Coupe Yellow Foglights

    Did they have yellow fogs available for a coupe? If not, you guys know when? Leaning on doing overlays if they didnt.
  8. Just purchased these foglights (:

    will post more pics later when I receive and install them (:
  9. Screw the overlays, Just got my foglights in Finally!

    After getting it in the mail for a while now, Finally stopped being lazy and got my lights installed PIAA plasma Ion Yellow H11. :D It looks awesome and goes so well with the 10k HIDs. :D I will post pics soon in case anyone wondering the look of it, but I am sure there are millions pictures...
  10. Non-oem foglights.

    12-13 HONDA CIVIC 4DR CLEAR DRIVING FOG LIGHTS w/SWITCH COMPLETE REPLACEMENT KIT | eBay I saw these on ebay and I liked them because unlike the OEM foglights, it includes a switch to turn them off/on. What do you guys think about it?
  11. how do you? HID Light installation??

    Hello fellow Civic Nation friends!! I am new to this forum and was wondering about HID lights... I was looking at buying the VVME 55W 6000k for lowbeams and 3000k for fog lights. I was just wondering if anyone did another method other then removing the bumper.. I was looking and it looks like...
  12. foglights from 8thgen???

    yeah i was just wondering if anybody knew if the 8thgen foglights from 09-11 would fit ours as long as you got the foglight covers
  13. DIY: LX sedan install foglights

    Alright, so i bought my LX in september '11 completely stock. i've been doing research on putting in foglights on the car but i didnt want to pay the 180 to have the dealership do it. 180 can be put towards something else for the car! so after a long time of waiting and doing research i finally...
  14. I just want to turn on my foglights with the parking lights.... Can this be done??

    Hey everyone im just wondering if this is possible?? I like to drive especially at dusk with just my parking lights with fogs on but cant do this with my si.. Is there a bypass or something i can do?? Could the Daytime run lights possibly cause this issue?? Anyone disable their daytime run...
  15. Custom Foglights for an LX coupe

    I had a set of projector beams that came out of a busted up Yamaha R6 headlight housing and thought that they would make some great foglights. I need to get them recessed in a bit more, but there is plenty of room in the bumper. I'm also going to move them more towards the outside I think...
  16. I'm off to see the dealer, the wonderfu........

    Went threw a brushless carwash,, now i have water in my foglights :/ happen to anyone else? i had some ArcticWhite bulbs in a for about 2 days before the car washing occurred, i dunno if they had anything to do with it but i put the stock ones back in for whenever i get a chance to get them...
  17. LX Foglight ?

    Has anyone done their own foglight install on an LX? If so, how difficult was it and where did you get your kit from? Thanks-