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  1. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Can i get some recommendation on fog light for 2012 civic coupe? what volt and Watts are you guys using? -Thanks
  2. Exterior Problems
    Our little civic recently got into an accident in which it rear-ended a Tahoe and hit its tow hitch. There is damage to the hood, grill, and bumper (see pics). Also, the headlights are now sort of popped out a little bit, though there doesn't seem to be frame damage. --I haven't seen a good...
  3. Exterior
    I searched for a DIY but didn't see one. Where is everybody mounting their ballasts for the fogs? Got mine in today and would like to install. Sent from AutoGuide.com App
  4. Coupe
    Hey guys i'm trying to get a modification done on my 2012 civic lx coupe blue, but idk if tinted tails would look good on the color blue and idk if i should get hid fogs or sri instead of tinting tail lights..? do you know how much each of them costs? What would you do first if you were me...
  5. Exterior
    Both my fog light glass covers were inconveniently hit and shattered by rocks symmetrically. My bulbs were also destroyed in the process... Well my fix were new high grade lexan plastic covers and 5k h11 bulbs. Everything went well with the install, the only downside is that the plastic is...
  6. Exterior
    I know there's random comments all over the place, but not an actual thread. What are your opinions on this. Do you like yellow film or yellow bulbs? The look of either while on and off. I used yellow film on the fogs of my GD3. I liked the look of the yellow film when they we're off and...
  7. Exterior
    Alright so I have an ex coupe and for christmas my dad got me fog lights, but I bleieve from ebay, there yellow and when I installed them, there is a slight gap around them and the 2 screws they came with are rusting already. Say i get them from CHH, are they going to have the glossy look of the...
  8. Exterior
    Any way (computer flash, wiring etc) to make the fogs stay on with the highs? I figure it would save the life span of my fog HID's of being flicked on and off all the time, that way the fogs and lows would be constant and the highs would be the only ones going through the on off cycle... Plus a...
  9. Exterior
    Hey guys. Just bought HID's for my si coupe, the headlights work fine, but neither fog turns on. On my 03 civic i had HID's in my fogs and headlight and they work fine. I'm going to try swapping out the ballasts from my old car with the new ones, but i figured id ask if anyone else has had...
  10. Exterior
    Got my led Fogs in 5mins ago here's the pics how they look Sent from my SGH-I747M using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  11. Exterior
    So I decided to not install my HIDs and go ahead and order both fogs and DRL Nokya bulbs off Amazon. They should be here by the end of the week. Can't wait for them to get here! :eek3dancesmiley:
  12. Exterior
    What colour will 3000k fogs be? Just wondering cause I have fake "3000k fogs" but I ordered real HID fogs to see if there's a difference but impatient so wanna know what colour they are
  13. Exterior
    hey guys just two quick questions im still new at all this so im sorry if these were answered but i didnt see anything when i searched in the search bar i just bought these fog lights piaa h11 yellow and i didn't see a do it yourself changing of the fog lights so i may make one when i do it but...
  14. Exterior
    Hey guys just wondering, how much trouble/money would it be to install fogs in my LX coupe? If its even possible. I noticed where the dogs go on the SI, there is black plastic pieces on the LX. Please advise. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  15. Exterior
    Hi, does anyone have pics of their fogs with HID? i'm purchasing a pair this week, and i'm deciding if i should get the yellow cover with 3000K HID or Clear with 3000K HID. I want a nice yellow light look at night, so i wanted to see what it looks like. If anyone has a pic of their fogs with...
  16. Exterior
    Hi, I'm not much experienced with colour temperature and stuff, but i was wondering if someone can tell me what K are these fogs? i know it has HID on them, but is like 2500K, 3000K or 4500K I saw a similar car on the highway and god did it ever look so sexy at night. I'd like that exact...
  17. Sedan
    hello, i am about to go pick up my honda civic exl today, and i'm still unsure if i really want the car in black. I was wondering if anyone here has the civic in back so i can take a look at some pics. I am planning to do little mods to make it look a bit nicer such as the RED JDM logo, hid and...
  18. Exterior
    Like 6 months ago I got my fogs vinyled with yellow window tint, and it's starting to peel/bubble. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to reapply some tint, whether it be a spray tint that wont burn off due to the heat, or some advice on vinyling or tinting it. From what I've been told...
1-19 of 43 Results