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  1. Suspension & Brakes
    Sorry if this is in the wrong section! If so, mod can move wherever it needs to be. BUT LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND. I ordered 1 set haha. GET IT WHILE ITS THERE!! Kplayground Body Kits 8th Gen Civic,BMW E90/E92,8th Accord,Mugen RR,Civic Type R,Mugen Style Nevermind, it wasn't free. I read it...
  2. Vendor Deals
    Hey guys! I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all my 9th gen Roof Overlays, through November 30th, 2012! Email me to order. Must mention this post to get free shipping ;). [email protected]
  3. (Non-Si)
    1 - Remove the rubber holding the box (#1) + the resonator together. ( At this point you're already done. But you can improve the sound still *a lot*) + Yaddah .. You're sucking some hot air. (I dont care as a daily driver for work.. i'm not racing in town!) + Let that resonator in...
  4. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Not sure if anyone has posted these and I didn't see them in the manual so I thought I would share. Just a few tips I ran into while monkeying around. 1. If you are running your USB stick on random for playing tracks you can hold down the right arrow key on the steering wheel and it will take...
  5. Hybrids/ CNG
    Honda To Give Civic Natural Gas Buyers $3,000 in Free Fuelhttp://www.insideline.com/honda/civic/2012/honda-to-give-civic-natural-gas-buyers-3000-in-free-fuel.html
  6. CARiD.com
    Hey guys, our weekend prize giveaway is available on Google+! Follow us and comment on this post for your chance to win a $100 set of wind deflectors from CARiD. You just comment by Sunday 9/9 11:59pm EST, and by Monday noon you can be the owner of new wind deflectors. It’s that simple!
  7. CARiD.com
    Yesterday we found the lucky winner of a free set of Lloyd custom mats. Congrats to Jay D. and his Nissan Juke! With no further delay, we’re running another giveaway! This time, you can get a free air intake worth up to $300. To enter, simply follow CARiD on Google+, +1 and comment on this...
  8. CARiD.com
    The summer season is at its height and it’s high time for another Free Wheels Giveaway! Through July 31, 2012 enter the Summer Plus Giveaway for your chance to win your choice of wheels from CARiD.com worth up to $1000. How you can enter? Simply join our Circle on Google+ and in about three...
  9. Gatherings and Meets
    NOPI will be sponsoring FREE weekly tickets give-aways for members of NOPI sponsored forums to the NOPI NATIONALS SUPERSHOW - September 22-23, 2012 @ Atlanta Dragway. We will be giving away one pair of tickets per week starting the first week of July. This is how it works: Step 1: Create an...
  10. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Het so a small thing I have wanted to see if I could change is when I hit the steering wheel to use the speech recognition calling I have to always hear the same thing "say the name of the person you'd like to call after the beep" .....I know! It seems like a demo mode or something! Is there...
  11. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    When I bought my LX sedan, the dealer threw in free car washes for life. So far I've just gotten 1 each weekend for the past 3 weeks. My question is whether or not these free weekly washes hurt the paint job on the car? I know it has a clear coat, and it seems like they do a pretty good job. If...
1-11 of 37 Results