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front bumper
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  1. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hello:) I'm new here and thinking about buying Civic 9th gen hatch, living in Europe so this option is very popular and kind of cheap here. But there is a problem - the car I've found has damaged front bumper, so I'm thinking of making a swap just after buying. Has anyone done it before? Is it...
  2. Appearance and Body Modifications
    I have a 2012 Si coupe and was wondering if anyone has done the conversion to a 2015 front bumper if it’s a direct fit or not. Main reason to try and do this is because I can’t seem to find any nice front lips for the 2012 front end
  3. Sedan
    Hey guys, unfortunately someone decided to turn into me and hit me on my front right corner of my car. It was low speed, but he cracked my front bumper and gave a few side swipe scratches on the side panel. His insurance paid for the cost of the repair $1k. Do you guys recommend getting it fixed...
  4. Sedan
    Hey, I've been driving a 2012 Civic LX for about 2 months now. Unfortunately I somehow managed to damage my front bumper :sad:. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I should do about this? http://i.imgur.com/7IJT9nP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ZOYSlaM.jpg
1-4 of 4 Results