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  1. Coupe
    I have a 2012 Civic Couple (LX, if it matters) and want to swap out the front end for a 2014 COUPE front. I've searched threads and haven't seen anyone else do the swap and very little mention of it... Would it be a direct fit? Just new headlights and a new front bumper? I know a lot of people...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Need help trying to find this front lip for my 2015 si 2dr Anyone know what its called or where i can find it???? The 2 attached pics in the bottom is mine btw :woowoo:
  3. Sedan
    just wanna ask if someone in the forum knows how to remove the molding (chrome) of the front grille of the sedan? im thinking of replacing it with the black one (si grille) but just the mold, thanks (btw does it fit the regular grille?)
  4. Sedan
    For those looking to get one and looking to get it painted make sure you have who ever paints it rock guard it then flex primer it if not you'll make major peel and chip,not saying it won't chip but it will help eliminate major chipping I quoted a guy 160 for his lip(RR) and he said he found...
  5. Coupe
    Anyone know a way I can install my Sickspeed front tow hook without drilling into the bumper of my 12 civic si? I don't want to give the dealer a reason to void my warranty on my car, its only got 1,100 miles on it.. I don't need it to be functional, bought it for looks. thanks
  6. Suspension
    2012 civic si sedan Bc Coil Over Mock up, remove windsheild panel, wiper removal
  7. Sedan
    Hi all, I just purchased the 2013 Civic LX SEDAN, and I'm looking for the body kits of this 2013 model. Not sure if the 2012 model will fit it. The 2013 body kit is not out yet I guess. Please let me know if anyone had found them. Thanks
  8. Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls
    Front Suspension NHTSA Item Number: 10043607 Service Bulletin #: 07-078 Vehicle/Equipment Make: HONDA Vehicle/Eqipment Model: CIVIC Model Year: 2012 Mfg Component Code...
  9. Coupe
    Anyone know of any good front lip for the 2012/2013 civic si?? I need suggestions i can't find much so please feel free to help me find something !!!:-$
  10. Sedan
    What's the part number of HoneyComb(Front Grille)?
  11. Wheels and Tires
    hi newbie here, just want to ask if it will fit perfectly on stock civic(japan version in asia).. Lenso 18" 8.5 Front 9.5 Back offset 38mm and what will be the best tires for it..?225/40/18 or 235/35/18 or what..? Thanks,
  12. Sedan
    Finally installed the beginning of the week! got an ez lip to project the modulo/ make it look lower
  13. Exterior Problems
    just wondering if it could mess up my paint or anything im really worried about rocks tho. anyone do this yet for a road trip.. pics pls so i can see where you taped
  14. Sedan
    Hey guys, I have a 2012 ex sedan and I'm thinking about swapping the grille to an si grille. Do you guys know if I should just order the grill and molding since it's cheaper than collegehillshonda grill upgrade ($160.00) or play it safe and get the collegehillshonda grille upgrade package...
  15. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I was wondering if anybody else has encountered this problem. 2012 Civic EX with radio on when unlocking all doors front speakers make a brief poping sound. Turn off sound or volume off no sound. Just unlock one door no sound. Did this when leaving dealership. 500 miles on car. When putting car...
  16. Drivetrain Problems
    So my car started squeaking today on the front right tire even when I don't apply pressure on the brake but it stop when i do apply the brake.. I'm wondering if worn out brakes make that sound or if it's the wheel breaking that's making it.. sounds like a high pitch whistle more that a...
1-17 of 142 Results