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  1. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Hey guys, I’m pretty new with my 9th Gen Si, have had it for about 6 months now and so far I’ve only gotten a fullrace catback exhaust which I love the sound of, totally recommend. My issue right now is trying to find the catted fullrace downpipe V2 online to buy. I know that it’s been...
  2. ECU Tuning
    So i recently put a base map on my car from flashpro for sri downpipe and exhaust and now its throwing a check engine code p0171 at me, is there any way to fix this? any help is appreciated!
  3. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Hey there you guys I have a 2012 Si Coupe and the guy before me had put on a 3” PLM catless downpipe and a Full Race cat back also a 3”. The downpipe now has a mean crack in it, is throwing a lean fuel mixture/O2 Sensor cel, and needs to be replaced. I’ve been dealing with the smell (amplified...
  4. Wanted Section
    Anyone selling a full race catless downpipe for civic si? I been waiting on this backorder and its been two months its getting ridiculous. Im still open headers and i cant wait any longer.
  5. Build Section
    Hello all, I decided to undertake the task of boosting a 2013 Honda Civic EX R18 (Auto Non-CVT) daily driver. I drive ~80 miles daily and wanted to add a bit more power to this great engine. After speaking to their sales/engineer staff in regards to fitment to the 9th gen R18s, I'll be going...
  6. Canada
    Eh! Anyone here buy/install a downpipe on their 9th gen si? If so what brand and type (Catted or Catless) did you get and do you know if you will pass emissions? Also if you have the RV6, how did you obtain it? Did you order it through the RV6 U.S. site, or is their Canadian retailer that I...
  7. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    So I just got a Fullrace 3" catless downpipe installed on my 2013 civic si coupe. Now I know since its catless that it will throw a CEL and to my knowledge if you use a flashpro to disable the "P0420 catalytic efficiency error" then the CEL should go away , right? Well I did that and when I...
  8. Exhausts and Downpipes
    This thread is dedicated to Full-Race exhaust systems for the 9th Generation Civic Si. Please keep information/questions about this particular brand of exhaust system limited to this thread to avoid confusion on the forums and to keep it neat and tidy. Specs: 3" Catback Exhaust System...
  9. Forced Induction And Nitrous
    Full-race will be comin out with a kit for the 9th gen civic. I've already got a build thread with my 8th gen civic, planning on sellin it and getting a 9th gen and doing a build of it once full-race realeases the kit! Who else is interested in this kit?
1-10 of 16 Results