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  1. Problem with my clock

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi! I installed a aftermarket radio on my 2015 EX and when I decided to switch it back to the original one, my clock just broke! I tried setting it up to the actual time etc, but everytime I start my engine, it goes back to January 1st 2013 and the time is reboot to the one I set previously (If...
  2. Windows doesn't go down

    Interior Problems
    Passenger window fuse, I replaced the fused but window doesn't respond to switch on driver or passenger side ,no noise or anything.... The electronic lock button on passenger side works,...any advice or direction to go
  3. Need help with a fuse.

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Fuse #19/20A Premium Amp keeps blowing out. Any ideas as to why? Also my radio turns on but won't play anything through speakers. Could this fuse be the reason? Thank You.
  4. Car Audio

    Build Section
    Okay so recently I plugged my 12v battery wire into my amps ground, and the ground into the battery terminal on the amp. This cause my radio and accessory power outlet to go out, so I did check the fuse for the accessory, but that's fine not blown. What else could it be? The amp isn't fired or...
  5. Please help guys, is it my fuse, bad wiring, or a relay which I have no idea about!

    Build Section
    So lets start with i have a 2015 Honda Civic Si Okay so my problem is my head unit and both cigarette plugs aren't working. I was testing out amplifiers for my car, I plugged everything in and it worked perfectly, than I had changed the amp to test another and this time I plugged the battery...
  6. Fuse diagram does not match with fuses

    DIY Section
    I have a 2012 Honda civic. I am aware there are two fuse box. 1) under hood, 2) under dashboard. The fuse diagram under dashboard matches with fuses; there is no problem. But the fuse diagram under hood (beside battery) does NOT MATCH with the fuses. Anyone has any idea on how to read the...
  7. Relays in under hood fuse box

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    2013 Civic Si Coupe I've searched high and low - forums, google search, user manual, etc. Does anyone have any idea what the relays in the under hood fuse box represent? The fuse box cover diagram only shows an "i" (information) in every relay location and no other explanation. I recently...
  8. Can't find the fuse for interior dome light..help?

    Wow.. I tried to put in LED in the dome light and all my interior map lights just stopped working. And for some reason, I have no idea which fuse is for the dome lights. Any help? (2013 SI)
  9. Trunk and license plate light fuse location?

    My trunk and license plate led light stopped working and I looked in the owners manual and can't find the location of those fuses. Does anyone know the location/number of the trunk and license plate fuses?
  10. LED blowing up fuse

    The same day I installed them, the interior light fuse blew. Today when I unlocked the car the lights didn't come on and certainly the fuse blew again. Anyone know how can I fix this and what could be the problem? Any info would help, thanks.
  11. Fuse box question.

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey, the fuses under the dash with no purpose, is it safe to use? I mean the ones with no fuse in them and the manual just states them as blank. Thanks-Rob
  12. Fuse List and Box Cover Picture

    Guys, Can someone post a picture of the fuse box cover (the one inside). Mine is missing and i need to find location for a specific fuse. Thanks!
  13. Blown fuse?

    Interior Problems
    The front power outlet keep going out on me when I plug in a 12v tire pump. it go out every time I use it. IM at the Honda dealership for the second this month for this problem. This time they told me the warranty only cover it once. I mean it's not like Im running a 20v charger it shouldn't...
  14. Question regarding a fuse for the switch wire of my amps/subs.

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello everyone. How y'all doing? I'm kinda new so i don't know what info i need to provide but i'll do my best to describe my problem. My switch wire (BLUE WIRE) to automatically turn on and off the amps/subs doesn't have a fuse ,and is directly connected to a fuse slot. The switch wire is...
  15. Fuse Box Help

    So I installed the LEDGlow interior kit into my car a few months ago and it works great! The only thing I don't like is that is comes on every time I start up the car. Is there a specific fuse slot that I could use to only get them to turn on with the low beams? Thanks!
  16. fuse number

    so whats the fuse number for night time lights in the fuse box....
  17. Brake light fuse???

    I was looking at my lights today after i smoked them out and for some reason my left tailight only works when the headlights are on and the right tailight only works for the brake. does anybody know why? could it be the fuses? I even replaced the bulbs and i get the same result
  18. FUSE QUESTION! Help?

    Okay so for my foglight, it kept blowing my AC fuse which was a 7.5, so I put a 10 fuse in, to replace the AC fuse so my fog wont burn up my AC fuse. Is that a good idea? Will it burn up my wire if too much current is going thru? I mean its only like 2.5 stronger.
  19. Led GLow Installed

    Whats up guys/gals ive been looking everywhere for a led glow interior light how to. I know AlienPrime has a tutorial but with mine i didnt use an add a circut thing. So this is what i did. 1) strip the power and ground leads on your led glow kit because its not stripped enough 2) find the acc...
  20. Brown plug for foglight under fuse box?

    So I have a brown plug that was in this foglight and kit and I cant find the brown plug inside my car. Can someone help me find it? The brown plug.