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  1. Gap under the fog lights

    Exterior Problems
    Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone notices the gap under the fog light and where the black cover and glass meet when looking down. Is this normal?
  2. 2012 Si Coupe: Uneven Door Panel Gap Near Window?

    Interior mods
    Hey guys, wanted to pick your brains on something that drives me nuts every time I drive my car. I've had some work done on the driver's side door in a vain attempt to fix a design flaw on my car (when the window's all the way up, there's an air leak somewhere in the door panel). As a result, I...
  3. Si spoiler gap.... :(

    Can someone help me or have a way to seal up the 2 corner of the Si spoiler gap? The two corner on my si spoiler have a good 1/2 inch gap.....3m doesnt hold it down but I do have the 2 screws in each corner tho.
  4. 2012 Si Coupe Trunk Gap???

    Exterior Problems
    Sorry meant to add this to my last thread....Has anyone heard of people complaining that there is a gap on either side of the trunk? Like one side has more of a gap/isn't as flush with the bumper than the other? A guy at worked backed into mine the other day and now I'm fighting with his...
  5. Gap universal turbo charger ?

    Forced Induction And Nitrous
    How effective do you guys think this would be on my civic ex, and is it even possible to even get it to fit ? GSP UNIVERSAL T3 SUPER 60 .82AR V-BAND EXHAUST TWIN SCROLL TURBOCHARGER TURBO | eBay
  6. Factory Plug Gap Setting?

    General Maintenance
    What is the appropriate plug gap setting for a 2012 Civic LX?
  7. Bumper Gap

    Anyone who removed their bumper notice a small gap between the bumper and the headlights? Does anyone know how to fix this? I removed the bumper just at first and put it back nicely and the gap is still there.