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  1. Glass transmision?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey all. I was hanging out with an acquaintance of mine the other night and he was talking shit about K series transmissions. He was calling them glass transmissions and are known to be bad. He had also mentioned something about 3rd gear being the worse. I have not heard anything like this...
  2. How do you remove side view mirror glass??? How to pry it off?

    Hey guys, so as the title kind of gives it away, I am currently struggling on a project that requires removal of the side view mirror GLASS. I Know that most cars have a specific way of removing the glass from the housing, but im really not too sure on the 9th gen civic. Have any of you guys...
  3. rear windshield quarter glass

    Exterior Problems
    OK heres a question for everyone... I'm on my way home last night and heard a very loud bang. I came to a stop and got out and seen the triangle glass was shattered but still in place! Is this a do it yourself job or use my bumper to bumper warranty to fix it? I called my insurance company...