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  1. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello, I bought a 2013 Civic EX about a month ago. Everything ran fine for awhile. Until a couple of days ago the head unit in the car is now black. When I turn the car on the radio and Bluetooth works fine The screen doesn't seem to turn on at all, leaving me without access to my back up camera...
  2. New Member Introductions
    hi new member here, today i got my first car for new years, its the black honda civic coupe. I was wondering what tint % should I tint my windows? any one here have a black honda civic lx coupe 2012 thats tinted? pictures? :)
  3. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have a 12 si 4 door. I have antenna in the back for a.cb radio cause.i travel.alot. the power is plugged into.12v lighter instead.running it to.battery. when I use.the. mike to talk the screen is in night mode when i talk and press button it goes to day mode, why? And when ita hooked up to...
  4. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Not sure if anyone has posted these and I didn't see them in the manual so I thought I would share. Just a few tips I ran into while monkeying around. 1. If you are running your USB stick on random for playing tracks you can hold down the right arrow key on the steering wheel and it will take...
  5. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey guys im Marcello from Brazil. Here in Brazil the OEM GPS is very expensive, but im going to NY in the end of the year, i was wondering if i bought the OEM GPS in the US i can use here in Brazil????The maps will work fine and stuff??
  6. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Has anybody ever purchased one of these GPS/GPRS tracking devices? Mini Realtime GPS/GSM/GPRS TK-102 Vehicle Car Children Pet Tracker Bundle US | eBay I'm interested in buying one and hiding it somewhere in the dash. I would buy this addon also Hardwired Car Charger For TK-102 GPS Tracker |...
  7. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, I have Android Phone which has 2.3.3 OS. I used this phone for gps device at driving. I have Canadian version LX 2012 which has bluetooth integration. I have two questions: 1. During the gps navigation with phone, if someone called me, how can I answer the call by voice? 2. During the...
  8. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi All, I currently own a 08 Civic Ex with navi. I'm looking to buy a 9th gen here in the near future, but not looking to spend the extra $$$ to have one with navi. I do drive a lot for my work and do use the navi all the time. My favorite function of the navi is the multiple destinations...
  9. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, I drive a Coupe LX and I have an external GPS that I would sort of like to stick into the car. For some odd reason, I have also looked down on the GPS. I have never placed the GPS on the dashboard. I realized a good position to put my GPS would be the placeholder above the PRNDL. I was...
  10. Wheels and Tires
    Trying to go for this look if i get the Mugen GP rims. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/dukpoki/DSC_1391s.jpg What do you guys think? Will they even fit on my 2012 LX sedan?
  11. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Just wondering if anyone had experience running wiring from engine bay to somewhere above the dash. I want to just have a power port for my GPS unit but I hate plugging in lighter power adapters and having the cable running across the dash. I was wondering if its possible to bring a wire out...
1-11 of 24 Results