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  1. Does anyone in the NE have a 2013 SI in Metallic Grey? Here is mine!

    New Member Introductions
    I had them remove the dealer emblem, So happy I waited for this one!!
  2. 19x8.5 Rays TE37 in Sparkle Grey Metalic

    Wheels and Tires
    Guess what! Even tho the title says it all! I'll be driving down this Sunday for a set of 19" Rays TE37's :biggrin: Question now is... how will will they fit? Also, how much can i lower my car now!? They have Brand New rubber on them 255/35/19 Continental ContiSport tires, so OD should be...
  3. Whos grey 9th sedan i saw?!

    Who was in Milwaukee Wisconsin on hwy 100 on Capital Dr did I see? I was driving a red 9th sedan with window visor non tinted windows and gave the grey 9th sedan with tinted windows a thumbs up. Justed wanted to say hi to another fellow 9th gen sheesh! I am lonely thinking I'm the only 9th gen...
  4. severe hail damage

    so i just bought a 2012 civic si and a hail sale and the damage is very bad. how effective is fixing the dents visually? and if i am replacing parts which ones should i get carbon fiber for and what brand? Every piece of the car facing up is very damaged and the side pieces have 5-6 small dents...
  5. Anyone with white wheels on a metallic grey?

    Wheels and Tires
    Ive been searching around, but nothing. I got my eyes on some cheap white slipstreams. Id appreciate some pictures :) Thanks in advance.
  6. Black Honda Emblem on Grey Civic

    Hi all, I have a grey civic coupe and I was wondering where I can get some black Honda emblems for it. I don't particularly like the black JDM emblem with the filled in background...I was thinking more along the line of the exact chrome emblem that the car has now....but in black. Would the...
  7. Deposit is Down on my 2012 Grey SI Pictures.

    Pictures and Images
    Put my deposit down. I was just recently in a car accident and totaled my R18. Just waiting for my insurance to follow through with everything and then this baby is mine. The car is unwrapped and was built exactly 12 days ago to this date. and there is 000001 mile on this car. could not be more...
  8. Just got PMM ex coupe!!

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    Hello to all. I'm new to this forum. I live in NJ and just traded in my 09 lx sedan for the new ex coupe.:icon_wave:
  9. Disappointed with interior colours

    Interior mods
    While I'm slowly warming up to the new civic sedan, I must admit I'm really disappointed with the selection of interior colours, especially here in Canada. My ideal model is the Civic EX sedan, and the only way to get a non grey interior is if you choose the Urban Titanium exterior colour. I...