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  1. For Sale Section
    Selling brand new mugen style Window visors for 12-15 civic sedan, sealed in bag, never opened. Purchased from hardmotion for $96 after tax. Looking to sell for $75. Also selling a used K&n drop in air filter. Had it installed for 1 year. $30 Can provide emailed receipt if needed.
  2. Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    So I live in an apartment complex without covered parking/slanted parking spaces and wanted, for convenience sake, to install my condenser guard without taking off the bumper in the parking lot. This install is for 2013+ sedans (maybe coupes as well, don't know for certain). I have a 2014 EX-L...
  3. Sedan
    Looking to put a clear (transparent) cover/shield on the front of my new 2013 civic LX's hood. I posted a picture of what I'm looking for. I had one on my 2011 Camry and it really did the trick without being noticed by many people. I'm just not sure what the name for it is. If anyone has any...
  4. Hybrids/ CNG
    I am installing my splash guards on my 2012 hybrid in two stages: Already installed my front ones last week and planned to do my rear ones yesterday. I ran into a slight snag. Both rear wheel wells already had inner fender covers. Trying to remove the left side one was a minor nightmare and I...
  5. Sedan
    Hi, I've been looking all over the net to find pictures of the Honda Civic 2012 from beneath. I've ran into a hare and it hit my bumper and I ran over it. When I arrived home, I checked for damages beneath and noticed that I could see the engine. I'm not sure, but I think I had an engine...
  6. Coupe
    Opinions: Front stone chip guard vs... - some kind of laminate protection - magnetic black guard(if you know what I mean) - anything else you think of. - OR, just leaving the hood as-is? Which is the better one --> pros & cons. I myself am leaning towards the stone guard, made of lexan, or...
  7. Coupe
    Hey, I'm trying to take off the bolts as seen below to install the honda splash guards I ordered, I tried a hex set, screwdrivers and prying them off...is there something I'm missing? Thanks-Rob
  8. Sedan
    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has put the OEM splash guards on their 2012 4dr LX and was wondering if the rear bumper needs to be lifted of its hooks before install according to the directions? Front pretty straight forward. Thanks, Mar
  9. Sedan
    A couple of the little 3m brackets are pulling up on their own so I just wanna remove it. Question is how do I do it without effing up the paint because those things are reallllllly stuck on there. Especially the 3 that arent pulling up any, how do I even get under those to start removing them...
  10. Sedan
    has anyone bought this from this seller? If so, how does it look? Any advice? New Mud Flap Splash Guards Kit Suit for Car 2012 Honda Civic Protect Cars | eBay
  11. Coupe
    Hello, was wondering if this one is good. I have an EX and I'm sure it will fit my car. Was wondering if anyone has bought this one from ebay. Thanks! :) New Mud Flaps Splash Guards 4 Doors For 9TH 9 Gen Honda Civic 2012 LX Sedan | eBay
  12. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    Is there any reason to Scotch Guard a 12 Civic EX? I am not sure if the factory puts some stain resistant spray on the seats in the factory and I have a dog so I wanted to know your opinions. Scotch Guard example Scotchguard Upholstery Protector | Canadian Tire Thanks
  13. Sedan
    I found the price of splash guard set (4 pcs) and separate front and rear splash guards, the price difference is $25, and they include hardwares. Is that anything wrong with it?
  14. Sedan
    Hey guys... so I'm getting my new Honda Civic EX. I am getting those bumper guard for the back of the car, anyone have any recommendation for which one to get? I was thinking of this one http://www.bumperguard.org/. Any feedback would be greattt. Thanks in advance!
1-14 of 18 Results