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  1. Remove Door/Wheel Well Edge Guards

    Hi all, When I got my '12 Civic the door edge and wheel well guards were already installed. With it being Dyno Blue Pear color it doesnt really match that great. Is this easily removable? If so how would you recommend doing so? I just want to make sure I don't ruin the paint. Thanks in advance!
  2. Splash Guards

    Do Splash Guards only come in black color? I am thinking of getting a Civic with Urban Titanium exterior color and was wondering if the black splash guards would even look good on my car given the color contrast. Do splash guards really help?
  3. Anyone with body side molding or door edge guards?

    I was wondering if anyone had the body side molding and door edge guard installed on their '12 civic si's, preferably coupes. I wanted to see how it looked cosmetically before making any choices. Thanks! :)
  4. Splash Guards yes/no?

    Purchased my LX sedan last week and the dealer threw in the rubber floor mats and splash guards. I've seen a few other Civics local though with the splash guards and realized they are black and not color matched. This bothers my OCD! My car is PMM. They called today and said the stuff was in...
  5. Splash Guards: Cons?

    Okay. I just received my splash guards I ordered off of College Hills Honda, I'm planning to install them this weekend. But I have some concerns. Are there any 'cons' to having the splash guards? I like the look, but I've read somewhere (although not confirmed) that they can damage the...
  6. Your opinions on getting cargo hook and door edge guards

    I was wondering what people's opinions were on buying accessories like cargo hook and door edge guards. And are the installations of both pretty straightforward? Also are door edge guards really effective? (Not that I am careless about flinging my doors open or anything but still ...)
  7. Genuine Honda Paint Matched Splash Guards Installed

    Finally got around to installing my genuine Honda paint matched splash guards from Australia: Even after going through the car wash, my car is still dirty :facepalm:
  8. Cheap Good Looking Mud Flaps/Splash Guards

    Hey, I really want to get the factory splash guards and even though I have the money for it, 104$ is way to much for (4) little pieces of plastic. What did you guys (or girls) install on your car. Not sure if it matters but it's a black Si coupe.
  9. rain guards for si coupe

    anyone know where or if they makes these for the 2012 si coupe i searched n cant seem to find anything n i was looking for something that doesnt use adhesive thanks guys
  10. Self-Installation of Front & Rear Splash Guards

    I'm def not an experienced mechanic/autobody guy, but I can do some minor things. I received my front and rear Honda splash guards yesterday via Fed Ex and got right to work putting them on. Before they came in I printed out a PDF How To sheet & to me the thing read like an Calculus Exam...
  11. Putting bumper guards on front and rear bumper of my new Civic?

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum. I just bought a 2012 Honda Civic LX last week and I'm thinking about putting bumper guards on the front and rear bumpers. It's something like this: Front and Rear Bumper Protectors, Bumper Protection and Bumper Guards My old 1998 Honda Civic has a lot of...
  12. Window guards

    For those of you who have these installed on your vehicle...please share your thoughts/level of satisfaction Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  13. 2012 Honda Civic Si - Splash Guards

    If you order these from your local dealer you will save about $20-50 dollars instead of getting the KIT, 08P08-TR0-100R1 $15-20 and 08P09-TS9-100R1 $20-25 the kit if ordered from the dealer is between $65 and $99 dollars.. KIT = Over priced cardboard box that says "HONDA" on it.
  14. Satellite Radio and mud guards!

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    So it was BEAUTIFUL outside today in NY a nice 52 degrees.. and i got some new things for my Si for Christmas but its been way to cold to put them on so today was the perfect day. SiriusXM radio Mud Guards havent washed my car in a few weeks..clean now
  15. Splash Guards Install - READ IT

    I ordered splash guards from Honda Parts Super Store and I was surprised to find they arrived with no instructions and an assortment of odd hardware. The hardware consisted of screws, square plastic inserts and plastic push pins. From my experience, the OEM push pins which hold in the factory...
  16. DIY: Installing Mud Guards

    Exterior Styling
    I just installed my mud guards on my 2012 Civic Si Sedan. The Coupe should be about the same process but a slight different. The tools you need. PUSH PINK- to make a pre hole for the screws. STUBBLE SCREW DRIVER- well you know. RAZOR BLADE- cut the rubber liner FRONT 1.Starting at the front...
  17. Any recommended OEM accessories? Mud Guards/Edge Guards, etc.?

    I'm likely going to be upgrading to a 2012 Civic Sedan EX w/ Nav and was wondering what, if any, OEM accessories are recommended. Specifically, I was considering the mud guards and would like feedback on the door edge guards. Thanks.
  18. Door Visors and Splash Guards

    What are people's thoughs on the door visors and splash guards? I've been thinking about what I want to start off with for "mods". Since there's not much out there right now, I like both the door visors and splash guards. After reading the installation instructions, both look fairly easy to do...