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  1. Hey guys

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    Bought a 2012 Si Coupe 2 weeks ago and been absolutely loving it. I came across these forums about a week back for help with mods , and all of the members were extremely courteous in their posts and everything I read was helpful so I decided to finally make an account. Hey guys!
  2. gas pedal sit level with the brake pedal

    Interior Problems
    SO i'm wondering, is there a way to make the gas pedal sit level with the brake pedal on a 2012 Si?
  3. Hi Guys

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    New Si owner today. Nice to meet you all!
  4. New Guy here...you guys will hate me because..... ;)

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    Helllllllllo guys! I bet you're wondering why would I hate this guy? Ha well lemme start off by saying I've got a 2013 Rallye Red Civic Si Sedan on the way! I'm new to Hondas but I've always been a car guy. In fact, my first love of cars was ford (yeah see what I knew). Well I've got a 1995...
  5. White Si overlays, what do you guys think?

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  6. Hey guys ! Just got my 2012 si couple about a month ago!!

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    So I bought my 2012 Civic Si Coupe about a month ago. I use to have a 2008 4 door galaxy gray si. Big change in torque!! What oil do u guys recommend? I know it uses 0w20 but wouldn't 5w30 be better if u rip on ur car hard? Here is some pics of my si and my old...
  7. you guys think you know what negative camber is?

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    think again:
  8. Hey Guys New MEmber

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    Hey guys my name is Omar I just bought a 2012 Civic Coupe planning on doing a bunch of stuff to and was wondering if ANY one can help me with some questions I have. Just ordered and got a 7" LCD HD touch screen nav and DVD player what do i need to install it and anyone else do this yet? Also...
  9. Need deadening guys for opinion

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    After removing plastic door panel, I see there's a huge gap between glass and the inner metal door panel. My old Accord had a very thick rubber stripe sitting on the edge to seal the gap but the one in Civic is just a joke. I put the panel back on, drive on to freeway, and put my ear near the...
  10. Hey guys!

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    Hey guys! I'm new to the club. Just bought a 2012 red civic ex-l coupe. I traded in my 2006 dodge dakota night runner for it. My other car is a 1993 pontiac firehawk, black, 10k orig miles. Either way, glad to be here and love my civic.
  11. Idk if you guys have seen this or not...

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    But I believe our civics here in the states could've been SOO much better. Keyless entry and start! Damnit.:banghead::banghead:
  12. Hi guys..

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    Hi. I 'm from south korea. Recently i bought 2012 Civic EX sedan. I think there is something different features ( I have HID! ) and front design.(especially front bumper and headlights ) which looks better than US version. I hope useful information to drive my civic for a long longlonglong...
  13. BEST BUY store? do you guys trust them to install stereo system in our 2012 civic?

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    title says' itself..... have you guys have anything by BEST BUY installed? warranty?
  14. What do you guys think of these?

    Wheels and Tires
    18X8.5 VARRSTOEN ES221 WHITE WHEEL 5X114.3 FIT SCION XB TC HONDA CIVIC SI ACCORD | eBay Sorry if there is already a thread asking about these, Im just curious as to fitment. :) Mike
  15. Are you guys Happy with Automatic Transmission on 9th gens?

    Drivetrain Problems
    First of all let me say, I love this car and I am happy with it, but sometimes I feel that Automatic transmission is not up to the mark or it is not refined enough. May be just to get some more mileage they have tweaked it. Before this I used to own Corolla and Elantra (both Auto with 1.8l...
  16. Hey guys im new here with a 2012 honda civic sedan LX

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    Hey guys i just picked up my 2012 Honda Civic Sedan LX My very first Honda in my life. Im coming from Nissan and Infiniti, I want to learn more about this car and i need to know whats the best Lowering kit available for this car just springs though not coilovers. Thanks!
  17. Hey Guys!!

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    Hey guys how's it going?! My name is John and i am new to this forum, as well as a brand new civic owner. I purchased my 2012 Honda Civic SI HFP last night and am patiently waiting for the call to tell me when it is ready to be picked up. Thought to join this forum as there seems to be tons of...
  18. Sup guys, some may know me, some may not, pics of past cars and info!

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    Well I just went and bought a 2012 civic ex sedan in dyno blue. I didnt need a new care as my beater or DD was a highly modded 04 wrx wagon that made 330whp but in reality youll see my present car so no need for 2 fast cars when I can have something good on gas that I can enjoy daily and not...
  19. Whats up guys! Fit owner here! :)

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    Hey guys, So I'm currently on, Fitfreak.net, 8thcivic.com, and *************. I felt that this forum was a little more active then ************* so I wanted to introduce myself here :) I don't own a civic si but I've always wanted one! I currently own a 2010 Honda Fit Sport - Taffeta White...