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  1. Exterior
    EDIT: Got some Bulbs for M! Gonna make her look a lot better :) Consists: 2700K HELLA 9005 High Beams 7500K HELLA 9006 Low Beams 7500K HELLA H11 Fog Lights
  2. Exterior
    Im new to the site and this is my first thread..Anyway i want to change my headlight bulbs to 9006 nokya arctic white 55w for my low beams.The stock bulb is 9006 51 w so my question is would this bulb cause any damage cause of the lil bit of extra wattage thanks guys
  3. Exterior
    Hey everyone. I've been doing a substantial amount of research, and I'm leaning towards upgrading my OEM halogen bulbs rather than going the HID route because I don't want to deal with the potential error messages and all the angry drivers I'd be blinding. I'm also not in a position to shell out...
1-3 of 3 Results