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  1. Going backwards with E-brake still engaged

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    So just as the title states, I experienced an issue that I had with my 2014 LX Automatic CVT sedan. I was going to work yesterday and decided to do a 360 check of all my lights. Everything looked good so I wanted to check my reverse lights as well. I put my car in gear, pulled the E-brake and...
  2. Handbrake button cap broke off

    Interior Problems
    So I came into my car this morning and realized the plastic button cap on the parking brake has broken off. I can still push the button in and lower the lever to disengage the brake, but now it's an uncomfortable metal piece that I'd rather get covered. Has this happened to anybody and does...
  3. Handbrake sort of loose

    Interior Problems
    I noticed that it takes more clicks to use the handbrake compared to a few weeks ago. I don't ever yank on it, always gentle and pressed the bottom before pulling up. I recently tried to slide my car in a empty, rainy parking lot like 2 times. Can someone tell how to readjust the hand brake...