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  1. Suspension Suggestions - Coilovers/Springs (Traction/Handling)

    Suspension & Brakes
    Good morning 9th Gen! I am looking for suggestions for Coilovers/Springs. I am trying to figure out what to get to help with the loss of traction at shifts. I know tires can help, but I am looking into upgrading the suspension and putting more force onto the front wheels to limit the traction...
  2. Summer and Winter tire questions

    Wheels and Tires
    I am looking to get another set of stock 17" Si rims and putting 2 performance tires and 2 winter tires for my front wheels. I am going to keep my rear tires all season, all year around and switch the fronts as necessary. I've heard that having different tread on your front wheels from your rear...
  3. Different handling between two identical Civics?

    Wheels and Tires
    My car was recently leaking anti-freeze so I borrowed a family members 2012 Civic LX while mine gets repaired, but we both noticed that my car was notably harder to turn. The only difference between the two cars is that I replaced my steelies with 16" rims, but I don't see how that would make...
  4. Sway Bars

    Suspension & Brakes
    Apparently the 2012 coupe and sedan have considerable more body roll that the 2011's. This could very well be due the fact that Honda has engineered the 9th gen suspension to be geared towards luxury rather than sport handling. If you compare the listed suspension between the two year cars...
  5. Handling problem on the highway

    Drivetrain Problems
    I have two small issues with My new CIVIC 2012 EX-L: 1- The key is rather hot when I take it out of the ignition (is that normal?) 2- I think the factory alignment on my vehicle was not done well therefore my vehicle is swaying to the left a little and @ 65-75 MPH the steering shakes a tad...
  6. Eibach Springs

    Suspension & Brakes
    Well for the 2012 Honda Civic LX... Just turned in my car to Eibach this morning so that they can measure and test new springs... According to them the springs for the 2011 models don't fit anymore and they have to make a whole new set... So I'm glad I was able to help. Not sure when they will...
  7. Suspension upgrades?

    Suspension & Brakes
    Does anyone know good places to look for suspension upgrades -- springs, shocks, sway bars -- for the 9th gen Civics?
  8. **The Official 'Springs or Coilovers?' Thread

    Suspension & Brakes
    2012 Civic: Coilovers or springs? When it comes out and you eventually get it and want to lower it. Will you go with coilovers or springs? Both of them have their pros and cons. For me I'd go with springs. I'm not gonna do any hardcore driving and springs will be more than enough for me...
  9. 2012 Civic, one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2011

    Honda & Civic News
    2012 Civic engine: K series or something new? Are they still keeping the k20 engine in the 2012 civic or is there something new to look forward too? I love my civic as much anyone does but sometimes I'm left wanting a faster motor..... :(