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  1. Experience with windshield heat shade?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hi y'all. So, it's been really hot lately and I want to get a windshield heat shade thingy that will fit perfectly for my 2015 Si coupe. I found some online but don't see any reviews so I'm not sure if I should get it or not. I see two kinds online, one that is like an accordion and another that...
  2. Dash vibration

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I just experienced a dash vibration that is linked to heater fan speed and temperature control. It sounds like a damper vibrating like a reed valve (assumed through post). It started yesterday in the cold. I can hear the vibration in defrost and it is especially loud when the damper is selected...
  3. 2012 Honda Civic Si Seats in GTA

    Hello there, I am new to here, and recently purchased an used 2012 Honda Civic Si Sedan. I live in North Toronto Area near Markham/Scarborough. As I noticed the Civic Si prior to 2013 model, there were no front heated seats. I wonder if someone could suggest some trustworthy shops to do...
  4. DP heat wrap...why not!?

    Exhausts and Downpipes
    My DP is on pre-order but I'd like to get a 'lil thread going on the topic of heat wrapping this thing. Why not? Its a perfect candidate for wrapping. Straight pipe. Eazy peezy, bra. Wrapping a standard header would be a complete b!tch and yes the gains are minimal but the under hood temps...
  5. Heat In Cold Weather...

    Interior Problems
    Just question for those of you who live in the colder climes. How long do you have to drive before you can get heat into the cabin? Let's say when the temp. is zero F or below. Do you have to do any special heat settings or play with the fan speeds? I know this sounds strange, but I'm...
  6. Heat problems?

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    So a couple people I have talked to have been having some heat issues. My car has done it a few times but only on cold days. What is happening, is that the heat takes a long time to warm up, then once your driving and it has started to blow hot, you come to a stop light and it starts blowing...
  7. AC/Heat Issue

    Interior Problems
    Hey everyone, got an interesting question today. So for awhile now, probably about a month i have been getting in my car and when i start it from a cold start and if i turn the heat or air on it will make this really loud hum noise for probably about 15-30 seconds while it warms up. Is this...
  8. Injen intake extension + heat shield

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    I've been reading about the Injen CAI having sluggishness and lag issues because it's pulling in hot air from the radiator fans, and i can feel this is true because when my engine is cold, I feel responsiveness from the engine abs no lag between shifts but when it gets hot, the exact opposite...
  9. Heat shield wrap

    Intakes and Spacers
    Has anybody wrapped their intake with heat wrap and noticed gains from it? I live in fl so it probably would help me somewhat. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  10. On another note.... Miami Heat are the NBA Champs..

    305 took it to the house.....
  11. K24Z7 Member May ROTM Heat 2... open voting to all 9thgencivic.com members!!

    Ride of the Month
    This is heat 2... top 2 winners of this heat go on to final 4 thread...voting ends half way through month of may. Voting open to all members of 9thgencivic.com... let the voting begin. Option 1 epioidz
  12. K24Z7 Member May ROTM HEAT 1...Open voting to all 9thgencivic.members

    Ride of the Month
    This is Heat 1 Voting... there will be another post for Heat 2...voting for these will end half way through month of may. top 2 winners of each heat will be put in Final voting thread then for all the glory and bragging rights... voting is open to all 9thgencivic members...so everyone feel free...
  13. 2012+ Honda Civic Si P2R Intake Manifold Heat Gasket ordered

    Just ordered this gasket from you guys... does it come with instructions? How hard is the install? Will try to make a DIY for everyone once i get it because i couldnt find one on here anywhere... guess i will be the guinea pig...lol
  14. DIY S2CarbonWorks R18 Stainless Heat Shield

    Here's the DIY of installing the S2CarbonWorks R18 Heat Shield: This item is fairly easy to install, I think it took about ~10 minutes from start to finish. It dresses up the engine bay quite nicely. Tools Needed: - 10mm socket & ratchet - Flat head screwdriver The kit comes with the...
  15. Rattle coming from front dash

    Interior Problems
    All of a sudden driving the other day out of nowhere I noticed a rattle coming from the front dash. Cant tell if its in the middle or right side just somewhere in between. I popped off the glove box and felt around underneath, took the cabin filter out, felt the air vents, the stereo, etc. and I...
  16. excessive heat

    Interior Problems
    I purchased a 2012 civic a little over a month ago and noticed excessive heat coming from all of the vents. The temp is turned all the way to cold and heat still comes from the vents, even with the fan turned off. Has anyone experienced this issue???