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  1. Si Only
    Hey everyone, was thinking of picking up a lightweight race battery. Something like a gravity battery or any of its equivalents. Wondering now if anyone has one installed in their 9th and ran into any electrical current problems when powering all interior amenities. If anyone has any answers on...
  2. Wheels and Tires
    Will these fit my stock 2012 civic si HFP? Rays Volk Racing "OG" TE37 5x114.3 18x8.5 +30mm 18x9.5 +22mm Forged monoblock construction Tires: 215/35/18 Nankang As-1 (95%) 235/40/18 Kumho Ecsta SPT (75%)
  3. Sedan
    This is my CBP 13' Sedan with the HFP coupe rear. Mounted right on, it cuts off a little bit of the rear reflector. I absolutely love the way it looks.
  4. Sedan
    For those who have installed the Coupe's HFP Rear Lip on a Sedan, how involved was the process of installing it? Did you guys just break off the tabs and use 3M and self tapping screws?
  5. Wheels and Tires
    Will the the 8th gen HFP wheels fit the 9th gen Si? If yes, does anybody have a connection to a used set of 4 in the mid west area?
  6. Wheels and Tires
    I have hfp's right now on 215 45 17s, 2012 Civic LX Sedan, and the tread has started to wear, any suggestions for reliable year round tires?
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I decided to trade in my 8th Generation Civic for a 9th and give it to my wife. She picked out all the options and so far loves her car. I have driven it a lot over the last month (5,000 miles) and I am very impressed with the changes Honda has made over the last 5 years. There...
  8. Exhausts and Downpipes
    I'm debating purchasing a new exhaust system for my 2012 Honda Civic SI with HFP package. Can anyone recommend a brand? I'm looking for something that will sound like it's got muscle, without being excessively loud. I would also like as much HP gain as possible. From browsing the forums, it...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Figured I should stop here first and give a shout out to all the 9th gen drivers. Whats happening. Ive had my hfp for 23 days now and I absolutely love it. Its a dream to drive, handles like a friggin go-kart, nice and flat through the corners and the k24z7 keeps it hoppin around those corners...
  10. New Member Introductions
    I have this car but i dont know anything about it.. im not a ricer but the hfp kit caught my attention.. so i was wondering where i can buy the HFP lip kit? just the lip kit. and also i need a suggestion. intake! i have 3 options. i dont really know what to look for so i need help on finding...
1-11 of 138 Results