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    I just finished installing a HID kit on my Si, wow, what a difference!
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    I had purchased an HID kit from DDM Tuning here in San Diego on Friday. I didn't install them until the following day. They gave me a defected part. Not sure if it's the bulb itself or the ballast that was causing it not to work. My friend and I had tried to install it on a different...
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    So I am about to order the DDM HID 35 Watt Slim Ballast Kit and was wondering which bulb color I should get? It would be awesome if people with DDM kits can show me some pictures of theirs at night. I was really deciding between 5000K and 6000K. I'm not really sure if I want a pure white look or...
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    Got my HID's today and got them installed. I went with a local shop here in Utah. They are a little bit more expensive then online but I like the idea of if i have issues with them, I know where to find them! I went with the 8K's because I wanted that blue tint, I'm posting some pictures of when...
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    Has anyone had any experiences with the xenon hid kits on eBay. Do they work well? I have heard mixed reviews seeing how the si doesn't have projectors. Also I believe it's Jdmtoys selling an led bulb for the running day lights. Any comments?
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    I am starting to get annoied with this issue, my HIDs have been flickering so I decided to take them back but they told me I need the anti flicker capacitors so I bought them and put them on, changed the fuses from a 10 to a 30 for the headlight and they still keep flickering. can anyone help me...
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    on AMAZON.com I want ultra white not tooo bright that other drivers are blinded though. but nothing too weak either lol please link me to a good kit on amazon, that has everything I need for installation!!! I never messed with HIDs before. Thanks :)
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    I want to get some HIDs on my civic ex. I'm planning on getting them from 4300k-6000k. I've read on different threads that the cheaper ones work just as well for lots of people. I was wondering, are the hids from ddmtuning any good? Also, what temperature would you recommend me getting?
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    I wnna put 3k on top and cool blue on the fogs. I know usually it's the reverse, but that's why I wanna go this way. Does anyone have any pics, I'm curious how it will look. Sent from my A100 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
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    anyone installed hids on high beam? do I need any converter or relay for the drl?
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    well title has the question. i should be getting my new HIDs today or tomorrow and im trying to decide what i need to remove to make it easiest to get to the back of the fogs. Any input would be appreciated.
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    should get them in this week and will post pics but i ordered 6k highs and lows and then i got 5k fogs. Didnt want yellow fogs cuz my car is black and red so i decided to stay away from the yellow.
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    Hey all. I just finished installing my fogs and HIDs this past weekend. here's a snapshot of them from this morning when I got to work: Question, however...what is the proper way to adjust both the headlights and fog lights? I've seen a bunch of different methods online so I'm guessing...
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    Ive owned my 9th Civic since June of last year, I refuse to install HIDs without a projector housing they've been sitting here in the box for months now.. Any news on aftermarket kits? I'm so sad there are almost almost nothing aftermarket for our cars. Sema has come an gone... :sad::sad::sad:
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    Just got my baby tinted and HIDs installed :) Will post pics later!
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    So I did a retrofit on my civic back in October, it was running great, loved it. Now they are freaking out and the hids will just occasionally go off while I'm driving, which is kind of bad :/ I know it's not th ballasts because they will go off at the exact same time, any ideas? Sent from my...
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    Just ordered the OEM fog light kit from College Hills Honda and a set of Nokya 55w hyper yellow bulbs. Also ordered a set of 35w 5000k HIDs from DDM Tuning. Anyone have this set up or feedback about this combination? Or pics of those Nokya lights? DIY advice?
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    Look for some feedback before I buy the Lumens HID kit
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    Has anyone heard of Penon HID light company? They are selling them at local shop for $75 just wanted to see if they were good or if anyone's had them? I don't know weather to get a slim ballast 35 or 55v? Any tips? Sent from my MB865 using Tapatalk
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    just wondering where evrybody got thier hids and yellow fogs or whether they just put overlays over the fogs and whats the best way to go about switching bulbs to hids? this si for a civic si? thanks