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  1. Exterior
    Are there HIDS for foglights yet and if there are is it just replacing bulbs or putting in a whole new kit. And which company is best.
  2. Exterior
    just wondering where evrybody got thier hids and fogs or whether they just put overlays over the fogs and whats the best way to go about switching bulbs to hids? this si for a civic si? thanks
  3. Exterior
    I did my HIDs today and not satified where the right side ballast is located. Mounted the left HID ballast to the bolt infront of the battery. and the right side ballast inside the fender. Anyone have a better place then inside the fender? Not sure if this matters but its a EX Coupe
  4. Exterior
    what do you guys think about the NOTTO SE hid conversion kit. NOTTO® SE - Complete HID Conversion Kit - 2011 Honda Civic HID Conversion Kit
  5. Exterior
    Im looking to buy good and ultra bright white HIDS conversion kit. What bulb size will i need for a 2012 civic ex-l and wats the degrees Kelvin needed for white. The price doesnt matter just the best site and type.
  6. Exterior
    Hey guys, i love my si but honestly i really really don't like how boring the headlights look. I want to get a pair of projector xenon headlights (i was thinking about the angel eyes too but i dont know if i like that enough to spend the cash on it). I know that guy at Custom Lightz or whatever...
  7. Video Room
    Hey guys! Did a small review video of my car:D hope u guys like it! Its a canadian one , not sure if there is much difference but here it is!:
  8. Exterior
    hey guys i have a 2012 honda civic si coupe i really want to put hid headlights and fogs in it asap but im a little worried when i have them put in the wiring can get ****** up and something will go wrong with my car. am i just being a worry wart? also i want really good hids im willing to spend...
  9. Lighting
    I just received my LED bulbs and decided to installed them. I wanted to see if the LED are even bright enough for my LIKING before I buy HIDS to put in the fog housing. They are very easy to installed, I can do it with my eyes closed. I rate this a 1 out of 10 scale from easy to hardest. took...
  10. College Hills Honda
    Can you help us?... OEM projetor headlight HID 1.8VTI in KSA - 9th Gen Civic Forum : 2012 Honda Civic Forums - 9th Generation http://www.drivearabia.com/news/2011/08/02/honda-civic-2012-officially-announced-in-uae-gcc/ Seems like Honda HIDs are available in certain markets, any chance we can...
  11. College Hills Honda
    I was interested installing hids but i heard it voids your warranty is this true and to what extent?
  12. Exterior
    Hey guys so i was wondering, does anyone here know any good sets for the 12 civic thats affordable and not overly priced but has a good qualuty for it? Trying to get hids for my car.
  13. Exterior
    Just installed my 6k HIDs as low beams. Pics tomorrow as posting from iPhone. I really wish I had projector lenses. Someone please make us some projector lenses!!!! I plan to go 6k on the high beam (daytime running HIDs yeeeaaahhh) and 3k on my fogs. Then LED bulbs everywhere possible.