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  1. Suspension & Brakes
    So I went about 90 just to open it up have not in some time, I hit the brake and the steering wheel shook, that is just an alignment right? And, or rotation? Just replaced oil with Honda 0w-20, and k and n filter..... what else do you suggest to do at 38k miles? anything I am missing?
  2. Autocross & Sanctioned Drag Racing
    PM me i wanna run my car for 1st time
  3. Video Room
  4. New Member Introductions
    Dutsguru here ~ I traded in my 2009 Honda Accord LX-P for 2012 Honda Civic LX sedan, crazy as it sounds but I was and have achieved the goal of lowering my monthly payment while being able to mod my Civic LX.
  5. Sedan
    Today while I was driving to get lunch. I saw a speed bump and think nothing of it. Turns out its higher than normal. I drove about 10MPH over it and the bottom side of my car hit the bump, I could feel it and hear it. How bad will this hurt my car? :icon_sad:
  6. Coupe
    I was on my way to work this morning and a semi had a blow out right in front of me. I couldn't avoid the tread and I ran it over. Under further inspection the wind diffuser (I'm assuming that's what it is) that's located directly under the front bumper broke and snapped the clip holdings on the...
  7. Sedan
    We picked up our car.. Thursday? I think. 2 weeks ago. (if not thurs, then wed) Tuesday, I finally call and and have them switch our policy over to the si and drop the insight. Last night (Tuesday night) my dogs barking like crazy, go out to see whats up, and some folks are standing on the...
  8. Sedan
    So needless to say im F-ing pissed... I was with my family today celebrating Mothers Day at a restaurant having a good time. We left the restaurant and went home and parked the car where it belongs in the garage.. And then i saw it ........... U know its people that do this type of sh*t...
  9. Sedan
    My brothers dumb broad of a girlfriend was pulling out of my drive way and hit the rear of my car. This was loud enough to hear it 2 stories up and in my house. I can't see any damage, but should I be getting this looked at, or clear coated again? This is the 3rd time in 6 months for her to hit...
  10. Sedan
    I just hit my rear end wheel ( driveres side rear end) against a curb at 15kmh going through a bend and now my alignment isnt straight. what could the problem be?
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hey, new member here, been too lazy to make a forum name. Been a owner of a 2012 civic coupe pmm since it was out, just got finish doing my wheels and emblems. Lookin to get some eibach springs and retrofit for my headlights. Anyways the community here seems legit and what not, glad to be on...
  12. Pictures and Images
    I was going out wit my cousin last night around 11:20. As we pass the first stop sign on his block everything was going good but then the person in front of me just stopped completely in the middle of the road(a one way road). Im not a person to honk the horn and didn't want to wake up people so...
  13. Wheels and Tires
    Hello, on the way to work this morning hit the pothole from hell. I have a 2012 civic si. I hit the hole going approximate 40mph and thought it blew out the tire. Kept driving and alignment seems fine. When I got on freeway there is small vibration in steering wheel from about 65mph up to...
  14. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey guys. Considering the civic Lx Sedan. Question is, have read a lot of complaints about the 8th gen have thin sheet metal and denting easily. Did the thickness of the new gen change at all? Thanks.
  15. Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    The Temple of VTEC - Honda and Acura Enthusiasts Online Forums > Civic > > Re: drove the 2012 lx sedan manual gear box today 36 mpg highway for the manual....major letdown for me. just read this thread over at temple of vtec. i am very disappointed that they could not gear the manual for...
1-15 of 16 Results