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  1. Trailering with an Si

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    So I have been contemplating recently of getting a tow hitch for my 2015 Si Sedan and was wondering if there has been people here that have been dumb enough to do something similar to what I aspire to do. The main purpose of the hitch will be for trailer-ing a Honda inline 4-cylinder Motorbike...
  2. Hitch Installation Austin, Texas

    Does anyone near Austin,Texas know how to install a hitch for the civic si 2013 sedan? Need one done pretty soon. Hope to hear from someone that has had experience in this field!
  3. hitch for 2012 2dr si

    Has anyone had a hitch installed on their 2dr Si, or know of one that works for this car? I want to put a hitch-mount bike rack on. I'm not a fan of roof-racks destroying my fuel efficiency.
  4. Trailer hitch for coupes

    I saw the other thread for the Si Sedan and he said they used a 2011 hitch, can anyone confirm what will work for the Coupe? I am about to be ready to get my Seadoo out and want to be able to get it down the road. Will only be moving it half a mile or so from where I have it stored to the ramp...
  5. Hitch for Sedans

    Hey Everyone, I am thinking of getting a hitch install on my civic so I can put a T2 Thule bike rack on. The bike rack itself is about 56lbs plus two bikes. Is this a good idea?? I have seen civic with the same bike rack on before but never on the 9th generation civic. Would this effect/damage...