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    Hello everyone, I've had my Si since June 2016 and have found myself using this forum to look at some builds. Here is a pic of my si. As of now, I've only got some weathertech floor liners for it and a K&N air filter but I'm looking to invest in suspension and wheel and tires in the near...
  2. Downpipe Help!

    Exhausts and Downpipes
    Hey guys so i'm trying to get a downpipe on my 15 civic si. originally i was going with the skunk 2 downpipe but heard that it really isn't the best out there and that the material that it's made from really isn't that great. again please keep in mind i'm not the one saying or trying to talk bad...
  3. Anyone in North Jersey?

    Hi Everyone! I just got my 2015 civic si and joined the forum. Thought it would be cool to find other civic owners in the area.
  4. New member, 2015 Crystal Black Pearl 4D SI

    New Member Introductions
    Whats up 9th Gen, Located in Souther California Im 20 years old and purchased my first car in November. I love my SI!:woowoo: For the first few mods i decided to keep it simple and just simply make it my own. Tinted Windows Shift Knob Muffler Delete - in my opinion, sounds amazing! The...
  5. New Member with a Project!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I am a proud owner of a 9th gen Honda Civic Si. I decided to start a project called "Project Si". Basically I made a new youtube channel to document the progression of mods I put into my Honda Civic. I will be making various videos of the mods and upgrades I already have in my...
  6. 2012 Honda Si Coupe Makeover

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all! Excited to have finally joined the Honda club. Been lurking around for a while on the outside looking in. Finally got an Si. Funny because I was all gunned for an Audi A7 but the price and sleek look of the si convinced me...not including the performance. As good as the Si looked my...
  7. Si Owners, Do we have anything special?

    I purchased my 2013 Si sedan back in February (my 1st car ever) and have added a few mods and i absolutely love the car. My question is do we have anything special? In today's time all the other compact sports cars have turbo engines making a lot more HP and torque than our Si's. I know we have...