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  1. Hondata flashpro and skunk2 CAI, Help pleasee

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    so i just got hondata flash pro for my 2013 si and i already have a skunk2 Cai, full race downpipe and skunk2 exhaust. I’m using the basemap right now but i wanted to know if that’s okay? and when i tried putting CAI under intake option only a prl tune popped up but i have a skunk2 cai, would it...
  2. Realllly Basic Tuning Question (sry)

    ECU Tuning
    So I’ve seen there is the tuning section but I haven’t seen an answer for this question I have, assuming because this is really basic and I just don’t know it. So I have a Invidia N1 cat back + CAI. after I get my coils, I want to get a downpipe to get louder, backfire as well as a little more...
  3. Hondata Flashpro or Ktuner for 2015 Si

    Wanted Section
    Let me know the price and unlocked of course! Thanks
  4. Civic FB6 lean afr problem

    Drivetrain Problems
    hi guys, I have a problem with civic, have these bolts on header skunk2, catback, invidia q300, fid 650cc, intake ktuned. when trying to tune, the afr starts to read lean at 4000 rpm 17.5 18. 19 open throttle to 95% +- injector dutty cicle to 80% injection pulse to 27-28-29 and still afr...
  5. Corrupt File??

    ECU Tuning
    I had my tuner email me the Flashpro file he made during our tuning session a while back. One day I had an issue where lights randomly popped up (traction control, power steering, hill assist, CEL P0505A) and a couple others. I opened flashpro on my laptop, updated the firmware and re-uploaded...
  6. Ktuner V2 vs Hondata Flash pro

    ECU Tuning
    Hey everyone, I been thinking about buying either the Ktuner V2 or hondata flashpro but I am a little conflicted on which I should get. On one hand I like that hondata is tried and tested and has been around for the longest time, but i also want to be able to monitor everything that is going on...
  7. Hondata help.. unknown vehicle error message

    ECU Tuning
    so I got my basemap from vit and I downloaded the latest version of flashpro manager and when I went to upload the tune to the flashpro I get a error message that says I cant the vehicle is unknown. I also cant upload any basemaps either this is the first time it happened. I asked vit how to fix...
  8. New to The Si World

    General Maintenance
    Hi everyone, I just recently got a red 2012 Civic Si Coupe. I have a couple questions if anyone can help me with please. First, these are my plans I have listed so far: Invidia N1 Catback Exhaust ...(because I love the deep tone, look, and the loudness of it) Coilovers ...(not sure what to...
  9. NOOB question about getting a tune...

    ECU Tuning
    I been wondering if you can use someones say hondata flashpro to run a tune on your civic or do you need to have one of your own? I have a Takeda intake install on my civic si and i just want to get the most out of that part as possible. If i do need to have my own hondata flashpro is there...