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  1. WTB: 2014-2015 Civic 2DR Rallye Read hood

    Wanted Section
    I'm looking to buy or direct trade my Taffeta White stock hood for a Rallye Red stock hood from a coupe. If no one can trade, is there any way to get Rallye Red custom vinyl to wrap or would paint be less costly?
  2. Clear sticker/shield/cover protection to put on front bumper?

    Looking to put a clear (transparent) cover/shield on the front of my new 2013 civic LX's hood. I posted a picture of what I'm looking for. I had one on my 2011 Camry and it really did the trick without being noticed by many people. I'm just not sure what the name for it is. If anyone has any...
  3. My hood deflector came in

    I haven't seen anyone with it, but not a bolt on, just 3M tape rock deflector from AVS called aeroskin
  4. Looks like a 9th gen hood

    Looking at thsi pic I was drawn in by the Cowl area and thought to myself "looks like a 9th gen civic". Then I saw the corner of th headlight and it appears to be a civic... I'm guessing that this owner is not on our forum here.. Pretty snazzy paint job though.
  5. front bumper/ hood (damage)

    so the other day, i hit a tow hitch, completely my fault, and the msrp for a genuine front bumper is $371.32 genuine hood is $487.98 i was wondering what you guys thought on what i should do... and im also running on a very tight budget...if its possible id like to keep it a DIY. i thought about...
  6. How to remove OEM hood guard ??

    A couple of the little 3m brackets are pulling up on their own so I just wanna remove it. Question is how do I do it without effing up the paint because those things are reallllllly stuck on there. Especially the 3 that arent pulling up any, how do I even get under those to start removing them...
  7. Carbon Fiber hood.

    Anyone here has a warped carbon fiber hood? or The real carbon fiber hood? Please if you do so pls post them :) cuz im planning to get one
  8. Advan or VIS carbon hood?

    Which one is of higher quality? What are the differences? Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  9. Hood Insulators - Pros / Cons

    So most of our US models do not have hood insulators. Are they even needed? Yes, they trap hot air in the engine bay.. but isn't that a bad thing?
  10. 2012 Honda Civic SI Sedan Carbon Fiber Hood by AdvanCarbon Technologies

    Hey Guys, just got my Brand Spanking new Carbon Fiber Hood by AdvanCarbon Technologies: 1) Advan Carbon - The leading retailer of quality carbon fiber body kits, car body kits, rear spoilers. 2) Advan Carbon - The leading retailer of quality carbon fiber body kits, car body kits, rear spoilers...
  11. Fort Hood TX civic meet

    Gatherings and Meets
    Hey just looking for some fellow civic drivers in my area to hang out and show off their rides
  12. DIY: VIS carbon fiber hood install

    Exterior Styling
    hey guy a few ppl have asked me how easy it was to install my carbon fiber hood so i thought id do a little DIY on it please forgive the poopy cell phone pics lol it was a spur of the moment idea to start taking pics haha so here it is guys any questions or concerns let me know im happy to...
  13. cfx carbon fiber hood. any help?

    i want this hood but dont want to pay $800! any suggestions where i can buy it cheaper? or has anyone used vinyl carbon wrap?
  14. New Member, Just Had Hood of Brand New Si Keyed...

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, this is my first post. Please excuse me if this isn't the appropriate section to post this but I need some serious advice. Just bought this 2012 Si 3 months ago. I'm 24 and it's my first car I've ever really owned so I'm super proud of it and it's my baby. I get a knock on my door...
  15. Hood dampers!

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Has anyone found hood dampers that will fit our civics?
  16. 9th Gen CF Hood?

    CF hood eh? Advan Carbon - The leading retailer of quality carbon fiber body kits, car body kits, rear spoilers.
  17. Hood bra civic coupe

    Does anyone know where i can get a civic coupe hood bra without the bumper just for the hood? Does anyone have pics of it on a coupe, just the hood. And is there a rear window visor for the coupe too? I like the whale tail by Kplayground but its for 4dr only.
  18. Scratch and OEM Touch Paint.

    Exterior Problems
    Hi everyone, Yesterday i was driving on the highway,and suddenly i heard a loud bang sound. First i thought it was from the roof,but then when i stop,i noticed my hood has a big scratch already( i get my lesson to not drive close to big truck :-( ). Luckily,i order an OEM touch paint and keep...
  19. Pea Size Flake is starting to Rust on Hood?

    Exterior Problems
    Pea Size Flake is starting to Rust on Hood? I have no idea how that happend? I have 10k miles and some will honda fix this issue for me?
  20. Magnet bra on hood or deflector wat do you prefer???

    Iono if putting a magnet bra on my hood is good but i chose that way... but kinda leaning towardds the hood deflector.... i was planning on sticker bombing my hood bra just a little more stickers....:wigglesmiley: