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  1. Suspension & Brakes
    Hello, I am going to do some custom brake lines for the front brakes of my Honda Fit, and I think I can use this 2012+ Civic Si Goodridge Front Brake Line. Part# 20028. (I need to find a brake line that is longer than the stock Honda Fit brake line). But I need your kind help regarding the...
  2. Intakes and TB Spacers
    The top picture is my car with an Injen CAI. The bottom pic is from the Full Race website. Look at the air hose going from MY cai to the valve cover area. Now look at the Full race and they do not have a hose, rather, a red filter there. Question....What is the purpose of that airline, and why...
  3. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Does anyone know what size the upper radiator hose is on the Si?
  4. (Non-Si)
    heys guys and gals i just purchased a 2012 honda civic never had a honda before. if anyone could help me by letting me know where to look for performance parts and what are the best to buy. thanks for any help from anyone.
1-4 of 4 Results