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  1. CBP outside my house..

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    There's a CBP coupe outside my house which is funny cause I own a CBP Si coupe. I rarely see these cars on the streets and when I see one it's outside my house parked next to mine haha nice ride btw.
  2. New member john up in the house!

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    whats up guys. I dont really know what to say here but my names John, turning 18 in 12 days. Got my Civic as a graduation gift for college. Plan on fixing it up so i can stick out within the croud. Yes i have an LX, i wanted a Si but my parents didnt want me driving stick. -.- Have any questions...
  3. South FLA in the house!

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    I usually dont talk like that...just had a moment. Im in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Anyways, I recently got plowed by a drunk driver in my nissan altima, totalling it. I am an IT guy and I do alot of driving so my wife and I looked around and finally decided on a fit or a civic, but in the end, I...
  4. Any ATL in da house?

    Any one from ATL?
  5. NorCal: BLOX Open House v2 this Sat, June 11th...

    2nd Annual BLOX RACING Open House Super Event When: Saturday - June 11th, 2011 - 11am to 4pm Where: Blox Racing - Fremont, CA Welcome to BLOX OPEN HOUSE 2011 Last year over 5000 people and 500 cars showed up for our first event that became the summer event to go to in the Bay Area. Kick...