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  1. Interior mods
    First post, first time Honda owner. I didn't like having the garage door opener clipped to the visor, it would have made a nice target for my forehead in the event of a frontal impact. Looked into getting a replacement rear view mirror with some homelink functionality, but wan't thrilled with...
  2. Interior
    Hey Fellas, My mom has a 2nd Gen Mini Cooper and I love the interior pillar mood lights. For those who are looking for subtle lighting these lights are the ticket. Only problem that I can see is making some sort of cover for the hole that will need to be cut. Any ideas? Do you see any possible...
  3. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I'm fairly new to car audio, but I hear Dynamat is pretty effective (but heavy). Has anyone installed any yet? I have an SI, Coupe. Aside from the doors, where are some places Dynamat could be installed? Opinions? :)
  4. Pictures and Images
    Anyone here ever heard of Rubikcubism? Its crazy stuff!! Check this out: http://weburbanist.com/2010/06/27/i-rubikcubist-30-twisted-works-of-rubiks-cube-art/ If I had the money I would totally do this....anyone wanna pay me a few hundred bucks to make a rubikcubism mosaic of their car?:D
  5. Forced Induction And Nitrous
    So I've been reading up a lot on forced induction lately and I'd really like to turbo my si either after I'm outta the warranty period or my car is paid off but I was just wondering for a guy who's never worked on a car other than standard oil changes (I do work on helicopters though) is it...
  6. Coupe
    Ordering my '12 Si soon, wondering if the factory body kit is a good idea? Are the 18" HFP wheels too expensive? I think the body kit is like $1370, and the rims are $2178. Can I get a better deal on rims? Anybody know how much the wheels weigh? I really like the factory type look of the wheels...
1-7 of 9 Results