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  1. Rev matching. (Idk where to put this)

    Drivetrain Problems
    So I get the jist of rev matching, but I have a few questions. Is it for down shifting only? And for our si's can someone Gimmy like an rmp range where we should match to for each gears ? Or is that an impossible question. Thanks civic fam Sent from my SPH-L710 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  2. HELP! Idk what to make of this!! >__<

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Idk what's going on but I have a guess thinking it might be the gas...before I pumped, everything was running fine and smoothly but afterwards...this happened... And this one is a startup...the revs drop below 500 RPM and it'll idle around 700 RPM for a bit and idle at 1100 RPM...the little...
  3. Is this normal? Painted rubber ?? Idk

    Im in the proccess of cleaning my ex sedan and I noticed that the bottom of it is like rubber ? Theres areas of bubling and is painted white. ive never seen This in a car maybe is something new? Sent from my iPhone using AutoGuide.com App
  4. Idk if you guys have seen this or not...

    Video Room
    But I believe our civics here in the states could've been SOO much better. Keyless entry and start! Damnit.:banghead::banghead:
  5. Idk which rims to get! Need suggestions!

    Wheels and Tires
    I got a dyno blue civic exI do not know which color rims to getGold? White? Black? Or Gunmetal?Any suggestions? I'm new to this forum! Plz help!Any pics would be helpful too!