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  1. Interior Problems
    Hi Everyone, I have a 2015 Honda civic LX 4dr sedan, manual transmission. I've been having this issue where I try to put in the key and it just doesn't go fully in the ignition. The key goes in a little and get stuck. This is the correct key I fiddle with it several times, trying to turn the...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    It doesn't happen a lot, but once in a while (even when it's warm) I turn my key an absolutely nothing happens. Then I get a notification on the I-MiD saying "Check Ignition System" but when I turn the key again it starts up just fine. Should I be worried?
  3. Interior Problems
    2012 Civic LX 4 door sedan. Parked the car and when I tried to turn the ignition off, the key just got stuck inside the keyhole. It goes from III to II to I but then it is just stuck at position I. Cannot turn it to OFF and take the key out! Can someone please help what can I do to get the key...
  4. Interior Problems
    Was not expecting to have my 2012 Civic towed so soon! Key wouldn't turn in ignition, steering wheel locked . Had to have it towed...road side assistance had me on hold for an hour before talking to anyone ignition cylinder was defective so had to replace 2nd .....volume on stereo kept...
  5. ECU Tuning
    So, I've got a great tune that I love, and since I've got this magical FlashPro, I'm starting to play around a bit to see what sort of characteristics I can pull out of the engine through tuning. I started with the Hondata reflash almost on day one, and loved it. Since then, I've added a K&N...
  6. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    My dad uses my car when im on vacation and i found out of those scratches in the plastic int. near the ignition key hole maybe the key scratch in to it. Do you know something to hide or to protect it from scratches again? Any suggestion is welcome, thanks in advance....
  7. ECU Tuning
    Any thoughts on this? http://www.procivic.com/pages-product_car_part_info/category-70_91/product-949/index.html Just curious if its something that could work for engine tuning... 2012 R18 Coupe. 5 speed. Butt Dyno tested Daily. Fuel Economy I-VTEC!?! Rev it up anway!
  8. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    what are the possibilities that an MSD 6a will install on a 2012 civic si? and has anybody ever install one on a civic? will it be a good upgrade for better fuel and power when you step on it, thanks
  9. Drivetrain Problems
    Didn't start in the cold!? Hey guys, I currently lease a brand new 2012 Si Coupe (Since end of September, 2011) and under 10K kms, so my surprise came this morning (after the car has been sitting out all night in about -2 degrees celsius/28.4 degrees farenheit), it wouldn't start! :SHOCKED...
1-9 of 9 Results