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  1. Mid-West
    Hi forum, my name is John Glass, I am an engineer at R2C Performance Products in Vernon Hills, Illinois. We are looking to develop a new intake for the 9th Gen Civic Si and are looking for help from a vehicle owner. If you would be interested in helping out we would ask you to make a series of...
  2. Crew/Clubs!!
    Just wondering if any 9th gener's in Illinois, or in the chicago land area for that matter are interested in helping form a 9th gen civic crew here. (Both k24 Si's and r18 civics are welcome). If any of you guys are interested...(The scene's been kinda dead, time to bring some life to it ;))...
  3. Mid-West
    Any prime locations in Wi for tuning/dyno and such shops that are good? Maybe even in Northern Il? I dont know many places for tuner cars.
  4. Mid-West
    Just curious for those of you who refuse to put a front plate on, whats the worse you got from the local law enforcement? if you could state your area/city
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I've been a long time lurker of this forum. I got a Dyno Pearl Blue 2012 Civic back in June. I have learned so much from everyone. This is really a great community. Anyways, now for the bad part of my first post. 3 weeks ago I hit a deer. (insert Bambi joke here) I am trying not...