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  1. Interior
    Hey guys, I'm new to this site and I've been searching but I couldn't find anything, so I apologize if there are thread(s) for this already, if so, I'd appreciate being directed. Thanks. Okay, so a few years ago I had an 02 Sentra SE-R with black and red interior, and I (myself) installed red...
  2. Interior
    Just to let you guys know, I took apart the light assembly on one of the bulbs that come with the illumination kit and this is what it is. It's held together by a clear plastic and has a small blue transparent lens. I figure that the red kit comes with red ones. I'm mentioning this because I...
  3. Interior
    I had an 07 civic EX before I bought my 12 civic EX-L. My 07 had a little blue ambient light up where the map lights are. My friend has a 12 pilot and his has it too. My 12 EX-L has a spot where its supposed to be but doesn't have a light there. Any 12 civics come with this light? Or is it just...
  4. Interior
    Went by the dealership the parts guy said that there is a red kit for the si don't know if it was from 8th Gen I asked he said no but there is a red one Sent from my MB865 using Tapatalk
  5. Interior
    I know a lot of people are waiting for the Red light kit to come out for the 2012 Civic SI, but if you can not wait. The light kit for the Civic EX - it is available for the 2012 Civic EX / LX models right now in Blue.... Not sure if the OEM SWITCH has to purchased or if it comes with the kit.
  6. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Since the wire is not on the 24-pin vehicle harness, does anyone know where it is? If I can't find it can I tap it to the parking light wire? Are they actually the same? Thanks.
  7. Interior
    Im picking up my LX tomorrow and was wondering if its worth it to have them install it or if I should do it myself. Also would it void any warranties?
1-7 of 9 Results