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    iMid has a scratch =( Was using a microfiber cloth to clean the dash and cluster. Must have swiped something hard across it. Any advice on how to get it off?
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    I know that i might not need this mod,or it might be very expensive and not worth it to do. But i am curious to know if it is possible to adding bluetooth capability and integration with IMID for LX 2012 by just swapping the HU from EX or even 2013 LX? how likely it will be to make it work?
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    For those of you who have an android phone, I wanted to save you the time of figuring out what does/doesn't work with i-Mid (on the latest 2013 i-Mid system, in my 2013 Civic LX). If anybody's found something different from what I've concluded below, please let me know: Connecting an android...
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    Not sure if I want to keep the OEM head unit and run it to something like a JBL MS-8, or go aftermarket H/U. One concern is how tightly the i-MID screen is tied to the OEM H/U. Can anyone who's removed theirs comment on whether the other i-MID stuff, like fuel consumption and range, still...
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    Anyone know how to do this? or at least get rid of the Headlight beeper when the door is open
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    Has Honda ever released a firmware update for the 2012 Civic? If so, where is the download located?
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    I was spoiled after first test driving the 2013 Accord before purchasing (and using) the 2012 Civic and its i-mid system. The Accord has several new features (some of which the new Civic gets too). In addition to the track and artist information while streaming bluetooth audio, the new Accord...
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    Hey new to the forum :) I've had my 2012 Honda Civic Coupe EX for about 5 months now and I love it. No regrets at all. I love my car, but I can't help but notice the 2013's new features. I don't like the new chrome rims but its all back interior is rather nice. Maybe I'm bias but I like...
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    So I recently put in an amp, and wired up a switch for it, it didn't work so I pulled the switch out to check it out, heard a minor pop sound then close it back up. Now on my way to Atlanta my radio wouldn't turn on, pulled over to check fuses they were all fine, disconnected and reconnected...
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    So, I had a CEL and check emissions system message come up on my I-mid about two weeks ago. I checked the gas cap, all the hoses on the intake and exhaust for leaks, bad connections and etc. but found nothing. I also started to notice my gas mileage also drop about 10 miles/gallon. After...
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    Disclaimer: You proceed at your own risk. If something goes wrong,neither OP or this website or anybody else but yourself take responsibility for it. This DIY is for Adding Temperature to Civic 2012 LX only. All of this DIY is from my experience installing this temp.If there's any suggestion...
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    anybody see this screen before? If so,please let us know how long until you noticed there's this screen,lol... I just notice there's screen like that after i drove 1 years.
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    I was thinking of trying to install this camera for on the iMid for backing up, if it is possible. The model is Pyle PLCM35R, its a sort of daily deal site. For $30 after shipping I'm willing to give it a try if the wiring is possible. I don't want to use the screen provided with it, just the...
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    I was in to the dealer tonight for some service and I checked out the new Accord. It's a nice machine. I noticed on the sticker that it said the I-Mid is text and EMail capable. I wonder if there will be an update for the 2012 vehicles, ours in particular of course to do the same. Has anyone...
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    I'm curious, does the bluetooth link on the i-MID for the SI not show song data/info or is mine broken? My mom has a 2012 CRV, the pandora and music from my iPhone 5 to her i-MID shows everything perfectly, however on my SI, it shows shows "Bluetooth Audio" only and will not display song text...
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    Has anyone had any experience with Siri or samsung S Voice over the bluetooth/iMid and any pros or cons on either of them?:wigglesmiley:
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    I've recently purchased a Civic vti-L which comes with bluetooth and iMid. I was told by the salesman that the bluetooth works best with an iPhone because it can see your phonebook where as for Android phones, because contacts are stored on the SIM card, the contacts need to be...
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    This might be a really dumb question but what would cause the odometer on the imid display to flash every so often? 2012 civic lx
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    Has anyone had there imid screen crack? I just noticed this today. Must be from all the 115 plus days this summer. You can see the crack starting in the upper right corner. Click on photo to enlarge.
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    My Samsung Skyrocket plays BTA music just fine, with track info showing on the audio iMid screen. But what is the number at the top of the screen? That number is also the ONLY thing shows when on the fuel screen. Screenshot: