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  1. T-Boned a Malibu - Civic Needs New Bumper

    I was driving down the main road last Tuesday (June 14, 2016) when a Malibu pulled out in front of me. I had just entered the main road from a parking lot, and was catching up to speed so the car behind me wouldn't have to apply their brakes. I was only on the road for a matter of 3-5 seconds...
  2. My rodent damaged fuel system is an issured loss.

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    FYI- My Civic is my commuter so it doesn't sit around long. I do live in a wooded area. To make a long story short my Civic lost its fuel and I stopped on the side of the road. Before I knew it half my tank was gone- with no fuel smell inside the car. I had the vehicle towed to the dealer and...
  3. New York Insurance help!

    I couldn't find any information on google so I guess I will just ask here to see if anyone have any information. Well, I just bought a 2012 SI a little over a month ago. I traded in my car but at the time I traded my old car in I switched insurance from progressive to geico. So what happened is...
  4. Insurance rates in Canada?

    Hi everyone. Seriously considering the new civic Lx. Just wondering if anyone in Ontario have noticed higher insurance premiums with the civic. Never owned a Honda before, but I've heard they have high insurance premiums, over such cars as the Corolla and Elantra. Can anyone verify whether...