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  1. For Sale Section
    For sale is a used K&N Typhoon Short ram intake. Double check fitment yourself but the described fit is for '12 - '15 civic Si with STOCK intake manifold & TB. This was purchased used like 5/6 years ago and remained in a box inside ever since. I never got around to putting it on the car and now...
  2. For Sale Section
    miscellaneous parts left over from my 9th gen si i recently sold. THROW ME (reasonable) OFFERS. located in york, PA- happy to ship anything if buyer pays. more pics available in PMs exedy stage 1 clutch and lightweight flywheel includes braided clutch line and alignment tool (not really even...
  3. Wanted Section
    Just bought a 2012 civic si coupe and it came with the K&N typhoon. I would like to replace it with the stock intake if anyone is selling one.
  4. Wanted Section
    Willing to buy Password JDM air induction system. Carbon fiber or Kevlar. Needs to have power chamber and cooling box. Located Philadelphia Pa and surrounding areas. Let me know. Will pay shipping.
  5. Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    I just bought an fb6 & was looking to go FBO w/ cold air intake. Where/how is the best way to relocate my battery so I have room for the CAI.?
  6. Forced Induction And Nitrous
    Hey all, I'm interested in supercharging my Si with Merc Racing's kit. I've been doing some research and it seems I have 3 options for intakes: 1) Short ram intake. Most off the shelf brands should work. 2) Cold air intake. Custom piping would have to be done to accommodate bends since the...
  7. For Sale Section
    Hi I recently bought a Type R and have the old parts off my 2015 SI. K&N intake. Has a small rip where the strut bar was. Has all the connections you need. $225 plus shipping Hasport rear motor mount installed 6/22/2021 $100 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.. PayPal If I don't respond...
  8. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I want an after market intake but I don’t want to spent hundreds for some name brand nonsense if something else will serve the same purpose. My idea is just some cheap tubing and an air filter, is this a bad idea?
  9. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I just installed the k-tuned short ram 3" intake on my stock 2015 Si coupe. After I started up and tried to take off, it keeps stalling at the beginning. But once I take off and am driving, its fine. Some people have suggested that everything might not be clamped down all the way and that...
  10. For Sale Section
    I am selling my new, never used Acuity Intake. I opened the box to admire it but never installed it. Never even seen the garage. Selling for $375 US + shipping. Part: 1891-K1
  11. (Non-Si)
    Been thinking about getting the Takeda SRI for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger. Any R18 owners have this and want to give their thoughts? I know this won’t increase much power but I do know it’ll give a deeper sound and increase throttle response(hopefully). I’d be getting this without a...
  12. For Sale Section
    Used Mishimoto Silicone Intake Tube for a 9th Gen Civic Si. Converting my car to stock and am selling the parts. This tube is in excellent condition with only 10K miles on it. Looks great in the engine bay & livens up the induction sound. Installation is quick - just need a screw driver. Sells...
  13. Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    As the title is saying i'm having a lot of trouble finding one of these things to fit my car. Anybody know where I can order one? Also wondering about other budget mods that would get me a little bit of power or even just some sound.
  14. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Just curious on what your guys opinions are on the ktuned 3" or 3.5" short ram intake is? I know the stock box is good, I know CAI is recommended, and I know the PRL short ram is a pretty damn good alternative, but i haven't seen much opinions about the ktuned intake on this forum. Ktuned has...
  15. General Maintenance
    Hi everyone, I just recently got a red 2012 Civic Si Coupe. I have a couple questions if anyone can help me with please. First, these are my plans I have listed so far: Invidia N1 Catback Exhaust ...(because I love the deep tone, look, and the loudness of it) Coilovers ...(not sure what to...
  16. Si Only
    Short Ram Intake (3" & 3.5" available) from K-Tuned is now available for 9th gen Civic Si. I would love to see how the 3.5" intake compares to the competitors !! Details from their site: Application: 2012-15 Civic Si models only. (Sorry this intake DOES NOT FIT with R18 engines) K-Tuned...
  17. Intakes and Spacers
    Ok guys question, a friend of mine recently gave me their DC sport short ram intake from their 2012/2013 Si. I have a 2014 Si. Are the connections different from their year to mine? There are 2 extra connections that have nowhere to go on my car after it is connected. Is that normal or does this...
  18. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I'd like to start by saying a couple of things. First of all, this is not a full DIY; this is just a list of things that I ran into while installing this intake and some suggestions to get around these problems. Secondly, this intake is made for the 8th generation civic si so i would recommend...
  19. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have a 2014 Civic Coupe and a week ago I installed a HPS Short Ram Intake with a friend. (I don't know much about car internals). Car works fine while driving and sounds nice. When I am in neutral or park though, engine won't rev past 4,000 RPM. When I drive, this does not happen. Here are...
  20. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey guys! New to the site and I wanted to know if anyone can tell me the best air intake to get on my honda civic si? Got my car yesterday and can't wait to make it sound and run better.
1-20 of 158 Results