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  1. K20 Integra Feature

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    Made a video for my buddies integra, great build all around. Check it out!
  2. My old 94 integra

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    few pics of my old integra miss the old pile of ratty integra :sadbanana: sorry for the long post but still love the old turd :D
  3. July 2nd 2012, Let's Go Lapping! @ Shannonville Motorsport Park

    NEO MOTORSPORT & SQUEAKY CLEAN Presents, Let's Go Lapping @ Shannonville Motorsport Park. Full Weekend of Motor Spectacular! GT Challenge Race on Saturday! @ Canadian Tire Motorsports Park DMCC Drift Madness on Sunday! @ Canadian Tire Motorsports Park Let's Go Lapping on Monday!!!!! @...
  4. Spoon's DC5 Integra race car damaged in Japan Tsunami

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    They found the car 5 km from their race shop in Sendai. Strangely enough all 4 wheels were missing. I wonder what happen to all those jdm shops like Spoon and all those JDM type R's and stuff...thats insane.
  5. Fast and Furious integra GSR is up for sale

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    Anyone who has seen the first Fast & Furious movie will remember the Integra that Ja Rule drove. This one here... Now 1 of 2 of those integra made are up for sale on autotrader.com check out the for sale ad here.. Cars for Sale: 1996 Acura Integra GS-R Hatchback in Caledonia, MI 49316...